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Date [ 2013-01-02, 11:25 ]

This year’s Chinese New Year belongs to the Snake

Year of the Snake - by WeijiC

(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) by Min = Come February 11, the Chinese will be celebrating their New Year. This time it is the Snake’s turn on their zodiac. So what is in store for us?

This year is said to be a good year for businesses. Still it encourages people to save money and be thrifty. These are deemed very important for 2013. 

Astrologers state that although the snake is somewhat smart and good with finances, it is also known to spend money quickly, Often much faster than producing it. If the business is a partnership than tension and strife are bound to arise when financial imbalances emerge.

This year, the Chinese believe the main focus will be on commodities. This market  is expected to be busy due to the rising industrialization of emerging markets. Also increased consumer spending should cause a rise in commodity prices. One of the effects is  the  recovery of local stock markets.  After the unnecessary scare of 21/12/12, it is good to know that overall, 2013 will be a beneficial year for consumers, who will have better resources to purchase more luxury goods and up-market products. Small businesses too will do well.


The snake is the most enigmatic of the twelve zodiac animals. It is said those born under this sign usually turn out to be philosophers, theologians or  politicians. Many turn out to be erudite financiers. They certainly have a way with money!

Such persons like to enjoy the good life - they like reading, listening to music, gastronomist and a lover of the arts. Good looking men and women with striking personalities are very often snake people.  Those born under this sign are expected to have a spate of good luck.

These people usually have a mind of their own and reach their own conclusions. Money problems seldom assail them and so they very often end up with everything they need. When money is short a snake can attain it fast. But he should avoid gambling for there is the chance of losing everything. But his cautious and alert nature will steer him from such mishaps.

It is hard to gain the trust of a snake for they can be overly suspicious. While some are generous with money, others can be skinflints. It is best not to cross swords with them for they will not hesitate to get anyone out of the way, especially if they aim for something, be it money or a position of importance.

Snake people speak with well chosen words. They have a tendency to dominate others and can be strict with them. To a certain extent, he will not trust his friends and so will never forgive anyone who breaks a promise.  But he is good at hiding his true feelings.

As the core force in disturbance and difficult situations, a "snake" will face danger fearlessly, and deal with unforeseen disasters. He has a strong sense of responsibility and clear goals. He may become most powerful if he combines his lofty ideals with inborn advantages.

In conclusion, a snake will face trouble and handle unforeseen disasters without fear.  With his strong sense of responsibility and desire to reach his goals, it is no surprise, in the end he becomes a powerful and influential person.


Coincidence or astronomical fate -  the Korean stock market shows that there are some 456 billionaires born under the sign of the snake. This information comes from Chaebul.com, a local web site which provides corporate data.

What is noteworthy is that the majority of these billionaires will be turning 60 this year. This is considered an important age for Koreans who place great significance on the age of 60.

A study showed that  the wealthiest executive in terms of the value of stock portfolios was Huh Jin-soo. He was recently promoted as CEO of GS Caltex, the country’s second largest refinery. He owns some 305.4 billion won worth of stocks. He is a member of the family owned GS Group and is the younger brother of Huh Chang-soo, Chairman of  the Group.

Koo Ja-yeol, moved as  Chairman of LS Cable and System to Chairman of the LS Group, taking over  from his cousin, John Koo.  He now owns 188.4 billion won worth of stocks.

Next is Park Ji-won, Vice Chairman of Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction. Born in the snake year of 1965, he has stocks worth over 100 billion won in hand.

On the other side of the age bracket, there were some lucky youngsters who had the privilege of joining the group of two dozen individuals who were in their teens or 20s.

They were mostly the offspring of business tycoons and founders, including the son of Heesung Electronics President Koo Bon-sik — brother of LG Group Chairman Koo Bon-moo and Hanwha Group Chairman Kim Seung-youn's son.

Among those in their 30s, the Daesang Group honorary chairman's daughter,  Lim Se-ryong (was worth 47.1 billion won, She along with  the son of Huh Young-in now join  the billionaire club.


The one common thread running through all these super nova rich is that they are all from Korea’s  chaebol families.


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