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Date [ 2012-06-13, 12:50 ]
 Meet a Mlaysian who is an upcoming K-Pop star

So how did it all begin?

(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) by Ramani = Back in 2004, I began as a dancer. Then I went on to manage well-known local artistes for about two years, from 2005 to 7. Maybe managing all these singers must have rubbed on me, for the next year, 2008, I made my debut. I took on the stage name Dior, yep, the same as that famous fashion designer. I just love that brand and even before I fully entered the entertainment scene, friends have been calling me ‘DIOR.” Since 2003 actually!

So I made my start with only a single entitled Mengharap Sinar which could loosely be called a Java Pop Dance number. It was produced under my own company: Diovulus Entertainment. You could say it was a one-man show – composing the song, getting media coverage, handling promotions – the whole works! (Breaks into a long drawn laugh).

I was certainly lucky to have made it to the semi-finals of the Malaysian Song Awards,TV3. This was in November 2008 and it lifted my name to the level of a solo contemporary pop dance singer. Since then I have launched one  single each year plus some special projects with some other artistes.

In fact, I have just launched Baby I Need You. A mini-album, it carries four songs in the following languages – Malay, English, Chinese and Korean! You heard me right – also Korean! We also took a music video.in support of the album..

As for my personal life, nothing much to say except  that I’ll be 29 this year, being  born on September  29,1983. I grew up in Kuala Lumpur. And out of  six siblings. I’m number five.

 When did you start singing Korean songs? What is your relationship with Geum Hong?

I started to have a liking for K-POP songs since 2008. Thanks to groups like TVXQ. They really grabbed my attention. I also began to study the Malaysian market’s music preference and where K-POP stood.

Things went to a higher level when  I composed and released our country’s first Malay-Korean song called Pergi (Seung Jon), in January 2010. Next I browsed through the Internet to gauge what kind of song I should sing in you.tube for our Korean expatriates here. I then, then came across TROT and found their song so entertaining, I started to practice on my own. I must thank Mr.So from the Korean Society Malaysia for helping with my pronunciation. But more important, he gave me an opening to sing Pergi at the Korean Festival  2010 in Ampang.  I managed to draw much  attention and soon had other offers coming my way. KMT Trading was one of the earliest. My big break came, you could say, when Mr.Yoo, a major importer, invited me to sing at the launch of their popular ginseng brand, Geumhong at Sungai Wang. Since then we have become more or less family!

You gave an impressive performance at the Korean Festival in Ampang with "Mu-Jo-Ggeun, " making listeners laugh with happiness. So do you speak Korean or learning it?

 Hehehe!. I am so glad people love my performance .I know it’s weird for a Malay to sing a Korean TROT song, but that’s what makes me different.   You know ever since that day and right until now, I have kept singing Mu-Jo-Ggeun” at every event I am invited to. Better still, even our Malaysians like that song, saying it’s so entertaining. I am glad I chose the right Korean song to introduce and promote to my people.

As for the language itself, I am still learning. It is hard for me to improve fast as I do not have much opportunities to converse in Korean. Right  now I go to classes at Hana Studio in Stepak. My teacher is Mr.Keigo Chong. He is a Malaysian Chinese who has studied and worked in Korea. He has been my mentor in the use of the Korean language, and also in the understanding of the  culture. . He has been a great help in the choice of my Korean songs .

What do you think about the  Korean people, culture, food and the stars of K-Pop, movies, dramas.  Just tell us how you feel about it – the good, the bad and the ugly. Do you have any favorites among them?

Korean people are so lovely, especially the Elders .I love the culture too, Korean fan dance is well known around the world and I love traditional music, like Pansori. Then Korean food is so amazing! What I really like is that it’s mostly healthy!  I’ve been to Daejeon, Seoul & Geumsan to experience local food there. Of these, I loved best was Geumsan’s  hot personal pot of rice mixed with raw egg and having to pour hot water inside the pot to change it to porridge after the rice is almost finished. What a brilliant idea!

When I’m in Korea, I noticed the difference between Malaysian and Korean  audiences. Korean people are so supportive, clapping and dancing while the singer sings on stage. Malaysian people are mostly shy .TV stations in Korea are also willing to spend more on entertainment programmes. They put up grand stages, have lavish sets, perfect lighting and with entertainers that are crowd pullers.  Look at the K-POP stars, the image they portray drives youngsters crazy. I love TVXQ as it was they who first pulled me into K-POP, the comes SHINee, Fly To The Sky, Wheesung, Kim Bum Soo, Im Tae Kyun and Ali.

Then there is Korean drama, which a lot of people love, especially me. i love Boys Over Flowers, Dream High, My Girlfriend is GUminho & Secret Garden. When you watch once, you will never stop!

Have you been to Korea before? Or do you have any plan to visit there?

 I have been to Korea in January 2011 for the Asia Model Festival Awards at  the Marriot Hotel,Gangnam ,Seoul. I was invited by the Korean Model Association for  the second  time for the Geumhong Ginseng promotion in Seoul, Daejeon & Gangnam and  performed in three places including the Grand Pop’ Concert in Geumsan ,sharing the stage with K-POP Idols and well known Korean singers.

I will be visiting Korea again for another Geumhong Ginseng promotion  this year  in September.

We now call you as the “ First Ever Malaysian K-Pop Star”. Do you like that title? What is your future plan as a K-pop star?

Thank you very much. It’s an honour for me to have that title. Yay! Hehe.

My future plan is to debut and have an album in Korean and released  in Korea, perhaps in a  new contemporary TROT genre. Now I’m making some connections with a Korean entertainment company and am trying to get support from anyone to make my dream come true.

 Please expand on your  new album and title song "Baby I need you"

Baby I Need You is the title for my second mini- album that was launched on May 17th, 2012.


•  4 song tracks &  1 Music Video,AVI file (PC Compatible)

• Songs included:
1-     Baby, I Need You (Malay&English)
2-     Pergi! 떠나다 ! (duet with Seung J)(Malay&Korean)
3-     Mengharap Sinar(Malay)
4-     Hari Demi Hari (with Noraniza Idris & Karen Tan) (Malay&Chinese)

1. Baby I Need You:
Song & Lyrics by Dior . Music Master by Baha (Azhar).
Middle tempo Korean style love song with Malay & English(Chorus) lyrics. An inspiration from Korean Ballad & Pop Dance song.About expressing Love to the other party.

2. Pergi! 떠나다 !:
Song & Lyrics by Dior.Music Master by Rafikoncept.
Fast Tempo Korean Style Pop Dance with Malay(Seung J) & Korean(Dior) language. An Inspiration from Korean Pop Dance & Britain’s Dance. About hate & unneeded for the said person which bring hates & annoying.

3. Mengharap Sinar(Malay)
Song by Dior & Khairafik Khairudin. Lyrics by Dior. MusicMaster by Rafikoncept
Deep Dance song which inspire from Javanese & Malay traditional influence. A mix that ‘one&only’  & as a new breed . Had proven into the International Market & big show.

4.  Hari Demi Hari
Song by Dior & Noraniza Idris. Lyrics by Dior & Ahmad Fedtri Yahya.
Music Master by Zahid.
A Superb & Remarkable Malay &Chinese Traditional Opera Music as One & Only of its kind. Inpired from Malay traditional songs & Chines ‘War’ opera songs. A mixture of 2 Malay voices : Dior & Noraniza Idris (Malaysian Queen of Traditional Sonsg) & 1 Chinese voice: Karen Tan (AF) which bring a great combination.

Without meaning to offend,  if you are still single, what do you think about having a Korean girlfriend or a wife in the future?

 Hahhaa.no worry.YES! I am still single. Yes, I have been thinking to get a Korean girlfriend to maybe become my wife in the future, preferably Korean Muslim (I think I should live in Iteawon then ).Surely I have a great brood of  hybrid children in the future! Hahaha. But I have to study deeply Korean culture, to understand more on her family and style of living. That will  surely help our relationship

Tell us about the way  your fans can communicate with you. Can you share the web addresses of your Facebook, Website or Blog?

 I am very active in Facebook, sometimes in Twitter. My fans usually interact with me in Facebook and Twitter. I also update my own blog to let people know the latest on my show/activities.
Twitter: @DIORatic
Blog: shahdior.blogspot.com
My company web: diovulus.com.my

Is there anything more you want to tell our Korean readers?

I could never imagine before that I’m able to perform in Korea and to sing Korean songs on a large scale in Malaysia. I am very appreciative of the many Korean companies that came on board to help me in my career. Also the support from the Korean people. They treat me warmly. I Love Korean People. Thanks for the  trust in my talent and I’m hoping that I’m accepted in all communities, promoted more and where ever I make a debut,  to succeed.




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