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Date [ 2013-01-23, 05:56 ]

(Malaysia=Koreanpress) by Min = Makgeolli, also known as Makkoli or Makuly (Takju) or as “Korean Rice Wine” as referred to in English is an alcoholic beverage that has originated from 1st century B.C. in records. Kooksoondang Makkoli is one of the representative Korean traditional alcoholic beverages, will mark its day at Aeon Bandar Utama today. Kooksoondang Makkoli has won award for two consecutive years in “2012 New York World Wine & Spirits Competition” & “2011 New York World Wine & Spirits Competition”.

Makkoli is brewed with rice. In the protection of environment, Kooksoondang Makkoli was applied to the raw-rice fermentation method, creating the value of the Green-Technology that could dramatically reduce the levels of CO2 generation and energy consumption for steaming rice. Fermentation starter, called “Nuruk” (yeast and enzyme), consist of various microorganisms, including lactic acid bacteria (LAB). Alcohol fermentation with an aid of “Nuruk” proceeds with saccharification, which is a multiple parallel fermentation, in the brewing process of Makkoli. This unfiltered beverage is a milky, opaque color and has an alcohol content of 6%.
 In general, Koreans quench their thirst by drinking Makkoli after exercise while supplementing nutrients such as amino acids and dietary fiber. Since Makkoli is brewed with rice, it is smooth and especially, it harmonizes well with spicy foods. As the taste was not strong, it often becomes good company with other non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. For this reason, the young generation nowadays enjoys drinking Makkoli cocktails.
 Kooksoondang Makkoli has to be shaking well before open. In order to be mixed well the components of this product, briefly hold the top of bottle, spinning the bottle like rotation around a fixed axis, and the open the cap. Fill up the glass and drink with well-match foods.

About KMT Trading Sdn Bhd
Over the past decade, KMT Trading has been the provider of quality Korean food and beverage products to Malaysian. These involve products ranging from instant noodles, kimchi, ice cream, sumptuous snacks, modern health drinks and fresh fruits. Today, supermarket chains nationwide stock KMT distributed products. KMT Trading has been organizing the Korea Food Fair since year 2000, serving Malaysians another slice of the exotic Orient.

About Kooksoondang

Kooksoondang (Hangul: 국순당) is a Korean Brewery, founded in 1952. The name literally means "house of good yeast and good wines". As a major producer of Korean wine and health –related products, Kooksoondang have been exerting efforts in research and development in order to revitalize the Korean traditional brewing formula.
In 1994, Mr.jung-Ho Bae, CEO of the company, refurbished the benefits of a traditional wine Koreans have been enjoying for many years, mixing modern technology with old formula, and produced Bek Se Ju.
It has a unique fermentation method for the brewing of rice wine. Unlike the regular methods of producing rice wine, Kooksoondang grind raw rice with Nuruk (Korean traditional koji) and brew them without steaming.
Kooksoondang Brewery has been involved in exporting since 1994 and is exporting about 41 countries over the world.
Kooksoondang believes that a good wine creates a positives drinking culture. As a representative Korean wine producer, Kooksoondang promise to to their part in promoting the Korean culture to the rest of the world.

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