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Date [ 2013-01-25, 10:21 ]

The Collectors Show returns with new, rarely-seen treasures from private collections

(Singapore=Koreanpress) by Peter Park  = The Singapore Art Museum (SAM) & Credit Suisse are proud to present the third edition of The Collectors Show, one of the most anticipated exhibitions on Singapore’s arts calendar. Independently curated and organised by SAM, and sponsored by Credit Suisse as part of its Innovation in Art series, the exhibition draws from important private collections to present 23 contemporary masterpieces from the Asia-Pacific region.

This exceptional exhibition series draws entirely from the private collections of individuals, art foundations, private museums and other organisations, offering museum-goers a unique glimpse into spectacular artworks normally held behind closed doors. The Collectors Show reflects the impact of museum-curated exhibitions in helping visitors find new ways to look at contemporary art. The theme of each exhibition connects the disparate pieces of art together in a thoughtful way, linking the art to our larger contemporary society and culture.

Titled ‘Weight of History’, this year’s Collectors Show examines how artists engage with and evaluate local traditions and culture, displaying interconnected relationships between past and present in our increasingly globalised societies. Through the eyes of contemporary artists, Weight of History aims to raise questions about what defines history and how personal accounts of the past are just as valuable as official depictions of historical events, and why the past is still relevant to contemporary art making in Asia.
Artists presented in the show hail from across the Asia-Pacific region, including China, Japan, Korea, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Australia, as well as Tibet and Taiwan. Despite their different cultural backgrounds, Weight of History brings to light the commonalities in the issues and concerns amongst the artists.

 Split over two levels, Weight of History explores how artists look at the idea of tradition and the artists’ exploration of past social and political issues as well as personal histories. Some of the artists include Chinese artist Xu Bing whose work looks at how language has an important role in defining Chinese identity and history; Yuken Teruya whose redesigning of a traditional Okinawan style kimono fuses tradition with contemporary political tensions; Sakshi Gupta who addresses the issue of young adults in India reconciling values of contemporary society and Indian tradition; Tibetan artist Gonkar Gyatso who explores tradition and spirituality through two works; and Li Songsong who tackles the issue of the recording of history in media. This year’s edition of the show also presents works by three local artists including Tang Da Wu, Francis Ng and artist collective Vertical Submarine. (For a full list of artists and their works, please refer to Annex B.)
Mr. Tan Boon Hui, Director of SAM, says, “We are extremely grateful to the collectors who have generously opened their collections for Weight of History and to Credit Suisse for their continued support that has made this exhibition possible today. The works presented in the exhibition allows us to highlight the rich nuances and texture in contemporary Asian art through their critical inquiry into the historical events and respective art-making traditions.”

Mr. Lito Camacho, Vice Chairman Asia Pacific and Singapore Country CEO, Credit Suisse, and Board member of the National Heritage Board of Singapore, says, “Credit Suisse is delighted to be supporting SAM in the presentation of Weight of History as part of our Innovation in Art series. This engaging and inspiring exhibition demonstrates our continued support and dedication towards developing a vibrant contemporary art scene here in Singapore.”
Credit Suisse: Innovation in Art series – The Collectors Show: Weight of History runs from 25 January to 5 May 2013, with a number of related programmes including artist presentations and curator tours taking place in-conjunction with the show. For more information, please refer to Annex A.

President’s Young Talents: Singapore’s Most Promising Artists Revealed!

22 January 2013, Singapore – The Singapore Art Museum (SAM) and Credit Suisse are proud to present this exhibition of large scale new commissions by six Singaporean visual artists for 2013 edition of the President’s Young Talents (PYT). They are: Boo Junfeng, Liao Jiekai, Zaki Razak, Grace Tan, Ryf Zaini and Robert Zhao Renhui. The artists were selected by an independent curatorial committee of local art professionals for the strength and promise in their practice and for possessing the potential for credibility and recognition in the international arts scene.

Jointly organised by the Istana and SAM, PYT was inaugurated in 2001 as a developmental platform for promising local artists under the age of 35 working with emerging contemporary art practices. It has since become SAM’s premier commissioning exhibition for younger artists. The independent curatorial committee who selected this year’s artists are: Ahmad Abu Bakar, Shirley Soh, Cheo Chai-Hiang, Tay Swee Lin, and SAM curator Tan Siu Li.

This year’s edition of the exhibition continues to present newer forms of artistic practice, such as photography, film, interactive installations, and new conceptions of sculpture and public art. The works are:

 Boo Jun Feng’s Mirror: Loosely based on the Bukit Brown Cemetery which is being exhumed, this short film is screened on two video screens running simultaneously. It collapses temporal realities and narratives, and reflects on how our present and future are inextricably tied to our past.

 Liao Jiekai’s Brothers’ Quarters: Occupying a section of the SAM building which was previously the former St Joseph’s Institution, Liao’s work investigates the ‘afterlife’ of conservation buildings and questions how structures are deemed worthy of preserving.

 Grace Tan’s refuge: With her practice rooted in manipulating materials with one’s hands, Tan makes a physical connection to her raw material and transforms it into an object of beauty and contemplation. For this exhibition, Tan has produced a beautiful organic hanging sculpture using plastic loop pins.

 Ryf Zaini’s Unveil the curtain to the window with no ledge: A sensorial, interactive installation that uses lamps and switches as metaphors for illumination, information dissemination and circuits of power, reminding us of our reliance on technology and its ability to aid as well as to incapacitate.

 Robert Zhao Renhui’s The quieting and the alarming: Zhao’s work takes a look at the impact of the measures taken to control the wild boar population in Singapore and, through the presentation of images and information, invites the public to consider – and reconsider – how their opinions and perceptions result in their actions.

 Zaki Razak’s Revising Art: The Ten Year Series: Occupying a tent pitched outside SAM, Razak’s work questions established practices and paradigms of art education. His work adopts an informal, collaborative, participatory and inter-disciplinary framework for art education, opening up his art work as a space of and for art to the public.

For further information on the artists and their works or the curatorial committee, please refer to Annex B and Annex C respectively.
The PYT artists were paired with two members of the curatorial committee who mentored them throughout the process of creating their works, from concept development to exhibition realisation. As a result, the artists and curator-mentors each found themselves provoked, moved and inspired by the more varied perspectives that arose and dialogues and exchanges that took place in the process.

Mr. Tan Boon Hui, Director of SAM, says, “With the President’s Young Talents, we look to provide gifted young artists with the platform and resources that enable them to create new works on a more ambitious scale, and be seen by a wider audience. With the mentorship, we hope to challenge them to push the boundaries of their practice and reach outside their comfort zone to produce innovative, engaging works they otherwise may not have the opportunity to produce. Through the commissioning process and exchange of ideas with experienced arts professionals, we want to cultivate and develop these artists holistically and in a more sustained manner to better prepare them for future undertakings in the visual arts industry and enrich their practice in the long term. This year, we are heartened to receive more support from the private sector towards developing young talent in Singapore and hope this will continue to grow."

Besides Credit Suisse who has been presenting sponsor for the past two editions of PYT, the Singapore Artists’ Fund, seeded by Mr William Lim and the other patrons in 2012, will further support the young artists participating in PYT to embark on large-scale works in the museum.
As an additional endeavour by SAM to provide added commissioning experience and international exposure, a selection of artists from this year’s edition will be further short-listed for the upcoming Singapore Biennale 2013. The shortlist will be revealed at a later date.

Mr. Lito Camacho, Vice Chairman Asia Pacific and Singapore Country CEO, Credit Suisse, and Board member of the National Heritage Board of Singapore, says, “Credit Suisse places great emphasis on its continued commitment to the local community, particularly through its support of the arts. We are delighted to be working with SAM and supporting the President’s Young Talents once again, as part of our commitment in encouraging and developing young artistic talent in Singapore. We hope that through our support, emerging artists in Singapore are given the opportunity to expand on their creativity and create works that they would otherwise not be able to.” Credit Suisse: Innovation in Art series – President’s Young Talents runs from 25 January to 15 September 2013, with a number of related programmes including artist presentations and curator tours taking place in-conjunction with the show. For more information, please refer to Annex A.


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