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Date [ 2008-06-16, 12:35 ]

90 members of Tong Vfang Xein Qi (TVXQ) fans club celebrated Micky Yoo Chun’s birthday



(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) by Khairun Nizam Ghani =  Kuala Lumpur (08 June): At 2 p.m., about 90 members of Tong Vfang Xein Qi (TVXQ) fans club celebrated Micky Yoo Chun’s birthday at the Saloma Bistro here without his attendance.

Vips such as Mr. Kim the owner of Korean Press, Micheal Seah the official photographer attended this event.

The President of the fans club Norma Azira Mazlan, 21, said the club was established last February with only four members. She said they had expanded the fans club up to 500 members when many registered freely in their blog Sayang Bong Bang Shinki also known as Rising Gods from the East.

She said, the aim for the fans club is to support the K-Pop and J-Pop music as well as to share idea between members club and it shows support to the TVXQ in the Asia.

During the event Mr. Kim present the lucky draw prices.

The party reached the climate when members have fun singing the birthday song to Micky and cut the Birthday cake.

In the event, several performances from club members like Wani, Nuna and lisa in presenting TVXQ remix called ‘o’ and purple life which reflects their love towards the K pop group.

The funky music in the stage aroused fans dancing according to the rhythm mostly in 20s with the members join together in the stage in singing and dancing with performer.

During the party, Korean Press interviewed the club members: Nadia Abdul Rahman, 23, Nabil Abdul Rahman, 20, Atikah Azlin Abdul Aziz, 21, Normah Azira Mazlan, 21 and Hui Sim, 17 years old.

KP: Why do you like TVXQ music? Is it message or contents of lyrics of the star?

Fans: It’s up to date and catchy music is complacent to hear as the K pop and J pop is a new music in entertainment industry, we need to support them and we would like to be pioneer in the K pop music in Malaysia. As the members of the TVXQ are within our age range, they are our role model in everything especially in fashion style, their dancing and so on. Their message clearly transfers to us.

KP: Who are stars do you like most in the TVXQ group members?

Fans: We like all member of TVXQ and if you ask me who is the luckiest charmer, most of us would like to say U-know Yunho (shouting and screaming). The reason is because he is much matured, professional and has repertoire in music industry. I like his cute and handsome face and when his face turns red. He is the funniest guy in the group. Nevertherless we like Dong Bang Shinki whoever they are, Dong Bang Shinki! Dong Bang Shinki.

KP: If you were given a chance, do you wish to marry any members of TVXQ?

Fans: Yes! Yes! (Screaming) we would like to serve them eternally. We can cook for them, clean their shirt as well as serve their lust! We are ready to take care of them no matter how. We can even remember and dream them for 24 hours

KP: Which of TVXQ album do you like most since 2004-2008?

Fans: We like all songs such as rising sun, purple line, forever love and so on Ong Jun bang hup. However for the new song the hype incline, nevertheless we still listen as well as sing to the old song frequently even in dream, ladies  and so on, we buy the original album, we curse who buy the pirated one.

KP: Have you ever been to Korea? Any particular things you like about Korean food or culture?

Fans: We wish to go to Korea next year to go for Dong Bang Shinki concert, we know learn Korea culture especially their language which is beautiful for us to listen. All of us like Kimchi as the healthiest food in the earth. 

KP: Why do you join the club?

Fans:It is our time to spend together in multiracial group that reflects the true color of Malaysia. We will update TVXQ news and happening, even more chances to enjoy the music and dances of the group. It is hard to gather all registered member of the group in the same time because all of them come form many part of Malaysia. We may be meeting twice a year; however we meet everyday in the blog.

KP: Why do you celebrate Micky’s birthday, even though you know he will not come?

Fans: We want to show our support toward them. Let them know that they have significantly supporters from all over the world.  We encourage them to come to Malaysia to see their supporters.

KP: What are the main activities of your fan club members meet?

Fans: We have activities such as charity activity for Sichuan earthquake victims, annual gathering. We have our own blog called Sayang Bong Bang Shinki that addresses the latest news and activity of Dong Bang Shinki.

At the end of the event fans sung altogether the TVXQ music as well as the birthday song to Micky.  



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