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Date [ 2008-05-27, 14:35 ]

Korea ginseng reaches Malaysia


(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) by Cecilia =  Kuala Lumpur: --22nd May 2008, Korean Ginseng International Seminar 2008 is a program lasted 4 hours, from 3pm till 7pm at Prince Hotel.

About 50 people attended the seminar. After each lecture, the people attended the seminar express their interest and some asked questions during the Q & A sessions.

In his speech, Mr. Nam Kyun Chung, Chief of Future Strategy Project Headquarters, Chungnam Provincial Government said that they have cultivated ginseng for as many as 1,500 years.

‘Since Chungcheongnam-do region has the greatest difference in temperature between day and night time, it can produce higher quality ginseng. Gumsan-gun in Chungcheongnam-do is the hub of the Korean ginseng industry equipped with more than 1,300 ginseng processors and distributors, and it held World Ginseng Expo in 2006 to further promote its ginsengs all across the world,’ said Mr. Nam.

Mr. Nam said Goryeo Ginseng had been known as an invigorant material for a long time and it has recently been used in producing new medicines such as anti-cancer and AIDS medicines.

During his speech, Mr. Nam expects after that day’s seminar local Malaysian and Korean residents in Malaysia who attended the seminar will have wider and better understanding on the Korean ginseng effects in keeping them healthy and beauty.

 50 local people and Korean residents attended and watched the movie of Korean ginseng. After that movie, they attended the speech of 4 speakers with Q & A session.

The seminar begins with Mr. Beom-in Park (Head of Insam Marketing Team, Chungnam Provincial Government) speech about Historical and cultural value of Korean Ginseng. In his speech, he said the history and culture of Korea ginseng has accumulated for 2000 years and gave birth to uncountable stories. He said Chinese ginseng (Liaodong ginseng) is big but weak but not as good as Korean ginseng (Baekje ginseng) as it is small but white and dense.

The 2nd speaker is Mr. Shin Jyung Kang (Professor, Department of Oriental Medicine Resources of Joongbu University) talked about ‘God’s best present: Korean Ginseng’. According to Mr. Park, Korean ginseng can enhance immunity while protects our body against infection of bacteria and other diseases. He said the strengthened immunity against such diseases has anti-cancer, anti-allergy and anti-stress effects.

Mr. Park said medicinal effects of Korean ginseng are in restoring energy of the tired body, develops stamina, strengthening the function of heart, quickening the circulation of the blood, enhance memory of brain while protecting from Alzheimer’s disease, controls the level of blood sugar to normal, improves sexual function, delays ageing, enhance live function while neutralizing toxic substances, decreasing high cholesterol and decreasing high blood pressure plus curing hangover. He said the Korean ginseng can raise body temperature and there is anti-cancer effect of Korean ginseng on gastric cancer patients.

This followed by Coffee Break from 4.45pm to 5.00pm.

The 3rd speaker in the seminar Mr. Gyu Yong Song (Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy, Chungnam National University) talked about ‘Biological activities of Korean Ginseng’. Mr. Gyu said in the preparation, black ginseng was newly produced by steaming and drying the Geumsan white ginseng (Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer, 6 years) 9 times successively. He said the black ginseng contained several new ginsenosides which are not present in white ginseng and exhibited more potent various biological activities such as antitumor activity, inhibition of obesity, improvement of memory and immuno-stimulating activity than white and red ginseng.

‘The Black ginseng was newly developed in Geumsan province and exhibited strong anti-AIV (H5N1). In summary, Korean ginseng could be used as drug or dietary functional food for the prevention and treatment of various diseases including AIV (Anti-Influenza Virus),’ said Mr. Gyu.

The 4th speaker, Mr. Won Seok Yoo (Korean Traditional Doctor from BooBu Acupuncture Centre Sdn Bhd) talked about ‘Effective way to consume Korean Ginseng.’  Mr. Won said according to an oriental book, Sinnongbonchogyeong, ginseng energizes the liver, the heart, the lungs, the kidney and spleen and calms people down. He said ginseng also improves eyesight and clears one’s mind while rejuvenating and helping people live longer. He said in countries like Malaysia where it is hot and humid, people mix it with medicinal herbs such as Maximowiczia chinen and Baekmundong to make Sangmaeksan tea that can reduce symptons such as tiredness, sweating, dried mouth and low appetite and drink it instead of water.

All the speeches of the 4 speakers ended with Q & A session. After that, the attendees were invited to join Mr. Beom-In Park (Head of Insam Marketing Team, Chungnam Provincial Government) in making herbal ginseng air freshener.

Local people and Korean residents in Malaysia attended enjoyed the seminar. At the seminar hall, they displayed many kinds of Korean ginseng products. Some are in powders, wine and different types of ginseng products and the attendees get to admire so many kinds of ginseng products.

In the celebration speech, Dato’ Bryce Kwon of Henikwon Corporation mentioned that Korean Ginseng become the Korean’s Pride with wider opportunity from the signing of the M.O.U. ceremony. According to Dato’ Bryce Kwon history shown that Korean ginseng was more famous than American ginseng and China ginseng.

Dato’ Kwon said that few years ago he found he had kept Korean ginseng in his house because he does not know how to use it. Koreans usually gives Korean ginseng as gifts for close friend. He said it is important to explain to foreigners how to use and consume Korean ginseng so that people will not just keep in their house. He said after attended the M.O.U ceremony, he will sell Korean ginseng in Malaysia and stressed the importance having description of how to use and consume Korean ginseng in other language such as English and Korean language.

‘I wished our Korean ginseng will become international world healthy food and medical medicine,’ said Dato’ Kwon.

Dato’ Bryce Kwon from Henikwon, Ms. Paek Ji-Ha, Diplomatic Minister of Korean Embassy, Kim Oh-Young, Vice President of Overseas Korean Traders Association of Malaysia attended the M.O.U. signing ceremony.

This followed by M.O.U signing ceremony between Joongbu University and KMT. Professor Kang Shin Jyung from Joongbu University and KMT was presence by Mr. Lee Mattew.




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