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Date [ 2008-05-21, 15:10 ]

The largest service ship in Asia arrived Port Klang on 15th May 2008

(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) by John Kim =  ‘Hanbada’ the biggest service ship in Korea is one of the largest vessels in the world. The Hanbada Ho arrive Star Cruise terminal at Port Klang on 15th May 2008. It was in Port Klang for 3 days before departing.

A festival organized by the alumni association of the Korea Maritime University and the ‘Hanbada’ was held from the 15th to 18th May for guests staying at Port Klang dockyard. There were various events such as arrival celebration and reception.

Ambassador Yang Bong-ryeol and Consul Im Geun-jo, Henikwon Corporation Chairman Gwon Byeong-ha, Malaysia Transport Maritime Special Adviser Dato Capt. Abdul Rahim Abd Aziz were invited to attend the reception. About 150 locals and korean residents attended.

They were impressed with Hanbada Training ship’s facilities and the scale when they look around the ship.

After the visitors were shown around, guests were invited to Hanbada lunch buffet with seafood.

After the function, the training students have some free time meeting Malaysian people and get to understand Malaysian culture.

Korean residents in Malaysia were also invited onboard the ship. Around 390 people attended this function. They get to watch information movie about Hanbada Training ship. Students of Hanbada also performed the Korean traditional percussion quartet and then Korean residents were shown around the ship.

The Hanbada size is two-thirds of the ‘Goldenbear’ that is now the biggest in the world.  It is larger than the Japanese ‘Gingamaru’ which had been the biggest until the ‘Hanbada’ was built with its great size (Width: 117.2m, height: 17.8m).

For two and half years, the ship was constructed at the STX dockyard in Jinhae with Korean domestic technology with 246 people maximum passenger in the ship. Hanbada cost US$40 million to be built. It is fully equipped with dual engine, automatic main-less equipment, translation and satellite discussion system. Hanbada is the first Korean ship inherited with various features of its original ship. After interior repair and exterior coloring, the ship ‘Hanbada’ started to sail again after she had been put out to sea for thirty years since 1975.

Korea Maritime University was established in 1945 by Dr Lee Si-Hyung. With its 60 years of history, it is the only special university to nurture talent in the field of maritime transportation.

Korea Maritime University aims to pursue an ideology, creating culture and cultivating personality through its educational principles. It has decided to develop in maritime transportation field, nurturing talents, information technology and experimenting international region. The total sum of US$35million will be spent on these fields for five years and it is believed that the university can contribute to the development of the community.

The Korea Maritime University has built branches of schools in the Indo-China peninsula such as Cambodia, Myanmar, Africa and Middle-Eastern countries in aiming to train-up foreign maritime technicians. They can broaden their knowledge about maritime activities by applying their skills. Theoretical studies are taught in the freshman and sophomore.  The ultimate aim of the university is being the ‘Mecca’ of providing technicians to the world. Students in the Korea Maritime will be ready to receive the complete education in the senior year.

The scheme of practical experiment is to train students to use various modern equipment based on theoretical studies. Therefore, students will obtain a professional knowledge and be entitled to be a technical expert.

The crews in the ‘Hanbada’ were trained by the instructors in the service ship and the education were conducted through ocean navigation and coastal navigation.

Overseas Koreans, the Korean Alliance, the Minister of Transportation, the officials of the transportation will be attending various performances such as Samulnori (an ensemble of the four farmer’s percussion instruments), band and Taekwondo show will attract people.

On 17th May, a program for Korean school students and Korean residents in Malaysia were prearranged. The program help people understand better about ocean, vessel and shipbuilding. If there are children who dreams to be an expert specially related to ocean, it was a great opportunity to widen knowledge through communicating with the instructors and crews.
The instructors directly guided the students into the ship. Students also watch a video which shown processes in constructing a ship.

The ‘Hanbada’ departed from Busan Port on the 7th May were in Malaysia for four days from the 15th to 18th and returned to Busan Port after passing by Kaohsiung in Taipei and Kagoshima in Japan.

The sailing trial was a 26 days journey consisted of 167 crews including 120 Korean students and 20 students of the Taipei Maritime University.



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