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Date [ 2013-02-05, 10:40 ]



What is exactly Customer Service?

(Malaysia=koreanpress) by Ramani = Business today is very competitive. Some make it, some do not! One of the main reasons that companies fall by the wayside is due to their bad Customer Service! Yep! Today it is customary for nearly all companies, including the government, to have a customer service counter. But how many are doing it right? Not many and here then are a few   customer service horror stories. Let us take a department that provides electricity. Tan Soon Peng had his house go up in smoke. After the fire, he had to deal with getting their utility turned off at the old house that was destroyed and his account transferred over to the house he was temporarily renting. After he had told them that his house had been destroyed by fire and that his family had barely escaped, he got a cold sterile reply that said,”Alright, the transfer will be made.” It was the same with the telephone, water, television and gas companies. Not one had first offered their sympathy. 

but answered in a totally robotic fashion. Tan revealed, “I was not excepting them to break into tears or go out of the way to help me. A simple ‘I am sorry to hear that,’ or ‘I am glad you and your family are okay,’ would have sufficed. It occurred to me that no one in customer service was actually listening to what I was saying.” Another example is provided by a credit card company. They gave Deeban Raj a call about his credit card.  After he had answered, Deeban was put on hold while the company got an agent on the line. Then, when the agent came on the line, he had the nerve to ask Deeban what the call was about. Remember, they called him! How irritating!
No wonder poor customer service is killing business growth worldwide. Many are struggling.  forgetting to listen to the very people that keep them in business! So many are not aware the solution is to simply provide outstanding customer service.

Here are five simple tips to help companies with bad customer service habits.

Tip #1: Truly Listen to Your Customers
When a customer contacts you, truly listen to what the customer is saying. Provide empathy and acknowledge what the customer is going through. Most people just want a sympathetic ear.

Tip #2: Keep Your Customers Informed
Once you are doing work for your customers, always keep them updated while the work is in progress. This way they will not worry and wonder what is going on.

Tip #3: Ask for Customer Feedback
Take the time to ask for a feedback. You can use surveys to get this valuable information. Make sure you ask questions that are relevant to help improve your services to them. The survey can also be used as market research to learn about your customers’ other activities – where they shop, eat, exercise etc. This may open new areas of marketing for you. It will be much appreciated by your customers if a small gift is presented to them for completion of the survey. Finally, do not just sit on the data gathered, but act upon it to improve your customer services.

Tip #4: Do not be just Good, but be the Best.
One way is to give the customer a surprise bonus once a sale has been completed. They will not be expecting it and will be sure to refer you to others. The surprise does not have to be expensive and have its price incorporated into the sale of your products. This is bound to make your customers feel special, for everyone loves a surprise!

A handwritten thank you note is also another way of gaining customer appreciation

Tip #5: Ask Your Clients to Refer You to Others
Once you have implemented these other four tips, you may confidently ask your customer for their referrals. If your service is extremely good, your customers will be glad to send you referrals. People lead busy lives and may not realize you want referrals unless you specifically ask. So do ask. Then do send them a surprise gift after that.

Treat your customers with the respect that they deserve... and they will respond well to you!                                                            

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