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Date [ 2013-02-13, 13:24 ]
 Without the use of smartphones.

(Singapore=Koreanpress)  by  Ramani = Often, horror stories emerge about children going to the mall, to the cinema or afternoon sports in school and then – gone missing! So today, a parent’s priority, where his children are concerned, is keeping track of them.

Today’s kids demand a Smartphone and therefore have access to the Internet. Nine times out of ten, your kid is so busy texting he is not aware you are trying to reach him. One solution is to give your child an old-style handphone without all the modern additions – from a camera, GPS and yes, the net.

Parents can now take a breather as there is a gadget that can keep track of your child without the use of a smartphone and its dangers.

Called the VIVOplay, it made its debut at the 2013 Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show.  It combines the best features of a GPS locator and a phone, and are you ready for this – worn as a wristwatch. Shades of Dick Tracy!

 Sten Kirkbak is the man we have to thank, for it is he who devised the VIVOplay. As the CEO, he now markets the search device through his company, Evado Filip... He happily informs the device is most friendly to the age group that easily gets lost. Those below the age of 10. Therefore it has been designed as simply as possible so as to make it easy for young children to contact and communicate with their parents in case of getting lost or other emergencies.

Kirkbak revealed,” I could either buy him a smartphone, or a GPS tracker. There was no way I would buy a smartphone for a 4-year-old! I also realised it wasn’t worth buying a GPS tracker either, because most GPS do not work reliably indoors.”

As he has a lot of technological expertise, Kirkbak decided to tackle the problem himself and come up with a solution. He programmed the device with up to five phone numbers the child could call. All it had to do was press a single button. If so desired, it can also be set up by using a smartphone application to receive calls and text messages BUT from approved contacts only. The other good news is that, Kirkbak made the device affordable to other parents too.
The next time your child hits you for a smartphone so they can be in touch with you or for other safety issues, say you are getting them a watch – the VIVOplay! It is available in a range of colours and is water-resistant. One that Evado Filip claims is now the world's smallest consumer communications and location device. However you may have to wait awhile as the watch has not been launched officially yet. It is expected to hit the stores around the middle of this year.

And why did Kirkbak get down to designing the VIVOplay?
 That is because; the CEO lost his own son, Filip. in a shopping mall in 2009. Eventually the boy was found. But the state of panic that he fell into, made begin to search for a much more easy way, parent and child to find each other.

*Picture : Filip and a very relieved Kirkbak.





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