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Date [ 2013-03-14, 12:25 ]

Is reading magazines a dead matter? 

(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) by Benjamin Kim =
  Not so says Hearst Magazines President,  David Carey.

“A lot of magazines are associated with a lot of the anxiety around the newspaper business. Magazine brands are powerful things,.”” Carey informed. He was speaking at the D: Dive Into Media Conference.

He supported his claim by revealing that fashion and beauty advertisements hit a new record last year, Carey stressed that  younger women in particular remain avid magazine enthusiasts. He however agreed that younger men are still a challenge.

Today, reading is not confined to just turning the pages of magazine. It can also refer to digital effects. In this aspect, Heart Magazines is reachable via mobile devices. Both tablets and phones now account for 40 percent of hits  to its magazine websites. One drawback is that advertisements on a phone tend to sell at a 25 percent discount to those on the desktop Web.

The iPad is the dominant tablet, but it has to be noted that women’s titles do better on seven-inch tablets. Perhaps the reason is, they find it easier to carry a smaller sized tablet around. In the beginning this meant success for Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s Nook. Joining their ranks now is Apple as well.

Currently Hearst Magazines has about 900,000 paid digital subscribers. This is about 3 percent of the company’s total volume of subscribers. Still, it has quite not reached its target of hitting a million subscribers by 2012 end.

 Not to be disheartened, Carey is aiming to attain a target of three million digital subscribers by 2016. This would be 10 percent of its current base. He is encouraged by the fact that digital subscribers are renewing at higher rates.

While Carey admits that there will always be a free Web, he also points out that tablets are helping create a sustainable paid business.“We are training subscribers to pay for digital content,” Carey disclosed. He averred some measure of recognition or appreciation should go to the late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, for teaching consumers how to buy digital content.

Hearst Magazines is currently expanding its stable. There is the just-announced deal with Comcast to rebrand its G4 channel as the Esquire Network. It is also experimenting with video, using funding from Google to create two YouTube channels, Hello Style and the other tied to Car & Driver.

So actually opening the pages of a magazine and reading them may have declined, but it continues in a number of new formats.

The magazine is dead, long live the magazine!

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