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Date [ 2013-04-08, 15:10 ]

A simple and effective way to be more accomplished

(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) by Ramani Rathir = It is always good to be focused. This means you have a direction and one that will let you reach your goal steadily.

It would be preferable if you were a list person. Every time you cross off an item from your list, it should give you a feeling of accomplishment. You will also begin to be more productive. Something that will please your boss no end.

So get started with the things-to-do-list. This is for your workday. Be aware that while you may wish to do all 10 things in one day, sometimes this just does not happen. Do not fret, do not moan. There is always the next day to start anew.

1.   If you are a teacher, then read about what is happening in the field of education. In other words, something related to your work..

2.   Next check headlines to get a fast grip on what is happening in the outside world..

3.   Send two e-mails to friends or colleagues you have lost touch with in the past six months..

4.   Respond to e-mails of clients as much as possible. Otherwise let them know of delays.

5.   Be sure to just say hello or some pleasant talk with those around you.

6.   Check the top three goals that you want for your company so that it grows.

7.   Identify and carry out  one task that will help you reach each of the top three goals.

8.   Check how your social media accounts can help with your work. This is basically getting the old girl’s network to help you.

9.   Towards closing time, prepare for tomorrow so you can start straight away the next day you come in.


10 .Take a full minute to appreciate what you now have and how far more you want to go.

For those tempted to add more to this list, remember the old saying of biting off more than you can chew! Better to finish a short list smoothly than blunder through a long one.

Start the list today.

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