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Date [ 2013-05-20, 14:35 ]


Will more women opt for this form of pregnancy in the future?


(Kuala Lumpur =Koreanpress) by Ramani Rathir =Korean Press had a few questions to ask American gynecologist, Mary Beth Scott about the choices of pregnancy today. One issue that came up was women freezing their embryo or in other words freezing their eggs.


What is the advantage of freezing a woman’s egg?


A lot of times, we women do not have any control over when we want to get pregnant. Sure there is the pill and other birth control methods, but these do not allow us the exact time we want to get pregnant.


If a woman on the pill wants to get pregnant she cannot say, ‘Okay, I shall start getting pregnant from today, July 3rd. with me going off the pill.’ But there is no guarantee. Off the pill, she will have to wait for the signs to show that she is pregnant. But with egg freezing, we will know the exact time the fertile egg is put in the womb and we can start calculating the delivery date from then.


So you are advocating this?

Not exactly for there are pros and cons. For one thing, even with freezing we cannot completely control our time of pregnancy. For example, when we reach menopause, our body will not be able to handle an egg. A woman’s body is not made to handle childbearing at all ages. Which is why, some women go for surrogacy and that is entirely a different matter,


What are the advantages?


You are able to delay the pregnancy while you build a career. If I am an actress, maybe at my peak, I will not want to have children as it will slow the momentum of my career or make me less popular with audiences.

Another would be, women can take their time to find the perfect husband. There is no need to rush or take the first available man because age is catching up. This is exactly what Sarah Elizabeth Richards, who wrote the article,’Why I Froze my Eggs (and you should too), did. She was 36 at that time.


So will more women go for it?


Hard to tell. Many women cannot bear the idea of someone digging into them and ‘harvesting’ their eggs for future use. Also many of them go abroad to do this. So to lie somewhere far from home, in a foreign country and have a strange doctor put their hands into them, can be scary, Perhaps it will not be so frightening if it is an American hospital, at least you’re on home ground.


What about the other time frame? How long an egg will stay ‘fresh?’


Well, we really can’t guarantee. There should be an element of risk of nothing happening when you put an egg harvested 20 years ago into a woman who is now 40. I know health workers and others in the medical field are of the opinion that the chances of getting pregnant hardly increases.


So which is really better – a 20 year old frozen egg or a fresh egg in a 40-yaer old woman?


To tell the truth, no one actually knows!


So what then?


Well, one can go online to one of the many commercial egg banks as maybe a last resort and look at their data bank. Those that do, usually look for a woman who looks like them as closely as possible and order a batch of frozen eggs donated by that woman.


Are there any moral issues here?


The key word here is ‘donating’ of eggs by women for those other women who are infertile. But it has chances of going commercial and may lay itself open to abuse. After human trafficking there can be egg trafficking.


Consider  that sperm and eggs are already bought and sold for in vitro fertilization (IVF) New York has also  legalized buying eggs for biotechnological research. So perhaps “made-to-order embryos” for profit is not far away


So what does it all come down to?


Sex! Teenagers and young women active sexually take on contraception’s and birth control to stay out of pregnancy. But after marriage or much later in life, they want motherhood but find they can’t conceive. So now they spend thousands to become a mother.


Your final bit of advice.

Sometimes, or most times, it is better to follow the laws of Nature.abc@koreanpress.net

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