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Date [ 2013-05-16, 15:25 ]


This can be fun with your kids or a nightmare.


(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) by Ramani Rathir = That is if you do not plan well. So if you are going to take a holiday, the simplest thing to do, but often overlooked, are these questions:


-         Where to go?


-         What to do?


-         How to get there?


-         What is the budget?


There are four questions that can help you:

1.     What type of holiday to take with your family?


Who is going? Yourself and the wife of course. Kids – the very young? Are these that love just splashing in a pool and do not care where it is, as long as it is a pool? Teenagers? Any club specially for them where it would be cool for them to hang out with others their age? Perhaps your elderly parents too are coming along. So something for them to just sit and relax, perhaps with a book and iced lemon mint tea? As for you and your wife – do you want to saunter off by yourself and rekindle your early romance or is it going to be the complete family affair? Some families just love doing everything together! Once you have the answers, your holiday has a very good chance of keeping everyone in the family happy.

2.  A little fore knowledge.

Try reading on the joys or problems of long distance travel with kids, the elderly or others. There is much information floating on this on the internet, so do click away. If you are taking a road, rail, sea or air trip, web sites will give valuable information, tips and advice that will make your holiday trip so much easier. This is especially crucial if you are going abroad, more so if a baby is tagging along. You will enjoy your holiday that much more if you just do a little homework now

3. Money, Money Money

Actually it is not love that makes the world go round, but MONEY! It is no use taking an expensive holiday and suffering for it.  An early sign of looming discomfort can be you having to borrow to pay in advance for all the bookings made. Next, when you are holidaying itself, it is not a nice feeling to constantly be checking your wallet to see if you have enough money or may be cut short the holiday. The family may have to forgo trips organized by the resort where you are staying, the kids may be unable to use some of the equipment or facilities because there is a charge for that and you may have to settle for a mee goring at a roadside stall because eating in the hotel’s dining room is just too expensive.

Create a realistic budget before setting out. Write down exactly the amount you have for the trip. List what you may have to pay – petrol for the car, hotel accommodation, flight tickets, taxi fares over there, excursion fares, dining out and any other thing you can think of. Once you have a total, top it up another 20 per cent as your emergency fund. Now see just how much cash you have and if it falls short, time for you to start saving before you finally take that holiday. Then once you are there, you can spend without a care. That is what holidays are all about – to be a free spirit and just enjoying it hassle free!

4. What sleeping arrangements?

This is really about accommodations and most times the answer would be a hotel, resort or a spa. Malaysians used to stay with relatives if they were in the vicinity of where the holiday was. But in these modern times, most families opt for hotels or even government rest houses.

Of course if it is a camping trip then it is sleeping under the stars. Other options are service apartments and these are very popular if it is beside the sea. Many can be found at Port Dickson, Langkawi and Penang.  The latest is home stays where you not only get a place to stay but also a chance to bond with a rural family.

So before you take that holiday, sit down, and it is best that you do it with your family as it is a group trip and plan. It will save a lot of headaches, tears and temper tantrums!

Happy Holidays!
Note: Malaysian school holidays begin this May on Saturday 25th. with school re-opening on June 10th. 2013.

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