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Date [ 2013-06-10, 17:50 ]

Should you or your family play sports if asthma runs in the family?


(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) by Ramani Rathir = There is a common perception that if you have asthma you should not be active in sports or other strenuous activities. But if certain precautions are taken it is possible to have an active sports life.


The first thing to do is to make sure your asthma is under control. Then you can think of what sports to take up. So the best way to keep your asthma under control is by taking all asthma medication as prescribed by the doctor. Do this even when you are feeling well! Remember prevention is better than cure. In short, before playing sports, your asthma must be under control This will prevent sudden flare-ups of wheezing and shortness of breath.


Skipping your asthma medicine can make asthma attacks worse. Simply forgetting to take your medication is not an excuse and may have you taken to the emergency hospital ward. It is best to carry extra medication with you at all times and not when just playing sports. Asthma has the nasty habit of flaring up not only during workouts but also at any other time


It is best to talk to your doctor about your plans to play tennis or have sessions at a gym. The doctor might suggest some workout strategies. Depending on what triggers your asthma, it may mean skipping outdoor workouts when pollen or mold counts are high and floating in the air. If you have the habit of breathing through your mouth, learn how to breathe through your nose instead. This will prevent asthma causing spores from entering your body.  Make sure you have a warm up just before you begin exercising and a cooling down period after the exercises are over.


If you attend a gym, make sure the gym instructors know of your condition. An outdoor sportsman? Always remember where you placed your medication and how quick you can reach it. If in team games, inform your colleagues where the medication is. There is nothing to be ashamed of with having asthma. Once those close to you know of your condition, they will be able to quickly react in case of a sudden attack.


Another thing, when you suddenly stop for a breather, they will know you need to rest because of your asthma and not because you are shirking.. In time to come, you will be able to read your own body and should be able to take preventive measures against oncoming onslaughts of asthma.

So there, you can now go out on the field or on the court! Happy playing.abc@koreanpress.net

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