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Date [ 2013-06-14, 11:25 ]

Now you can do both – shop and dine.


(Kuala Lumpur =Koreanpress) by Ramani Rathir =Shopping has long been a Malaysian favourite. So too is eating or to put it politely, dining. In fact, some would say the top favourite of Malaysians is dining!


Now both can be done at the KWC Fashion Mall that has just opened a food court on the seventh floor. Mak Soon Peng, the Senior Advertising and Promotions Manager explained,”Like the concept of pooling all fashion under one roof, we gather the best hawker food in Kuala Lumpur in one place here, the Kenanga Food Court, offering shoppers a satisfying and convenient shopping experience at KWC Fashion Mall.”


Those intending to pay a visit here, please note that this is non-halal food court. Some of the highlights are the Kim Lian Kee Hokkien Mee which is a thick, dark mass of noodles. Petaling Street’s famous rice porridge with samplings of chicken or pork. From the Cheras Flats comes the Woo Pin Fish Head Noodlles. Other dishes are made with duck, or have ingredients cooked in claypot or sizzled on hot grills.


There is halal food and beverages  at the court too. Old Town White Coffee offers its by now well known brand of coffee. Other outlets are the Kopi-O-Klasik, Sajan Enak, MJ Café or Ulam Café. Foodwise there is Kazu Sushi & Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant and Marry Brown. Plus there are many snack kiosks where light refreshments can be ordered. Check out Chatime, Sharetea, Hot and Roll or My Yogurt among the many kiosks here.   


A surprise was the stall called Korean Cuisine and like its names says serves Korean fare. It serves 30 over dishes , including five types of Kim Chee. There is Udong noodles too along with Japchaee which is glass noodles. But the dish most ordered is the Dolsat Bimbap.


The owner is a Korean who has trained Myanmar staff to do the cooking. The chief cook has had four months of training. It seems Malaysian adults do not go much for Korean fare but the teenagers do. Their order is usually for – you guessed right, bimbap. 


Special mention must be made of Uncle Wah Coffee Corner. They serve a variety of beverages that are probably not found elsewhere. The Lemon Coffee or Tea has a tangy bite. Just a little bit of sugar and no milk gives this drink its distinctive taste. The most popular is their three layered tea. The bottom layer has gula melaka or brown molasses, then tea followed by evaporated milk. So the layers are seen in contrasting colours and the diners have the enjoyment of stirring their drink by themselves. If you want an extra layer, chinchau (black jelly) is added last. Then there is the Hailam Tea or Coffee. It is actually a mix of coffee and tea. If you order Hailam Tea then more tea than coffee is added. If it is Hailam Coffee, then it works the other way around.


The owner’s father started in the old bus station where Pudu Central (Pudu Raya) now is. Foh Hup buses used to ply the Seremban to KL route. At that time there was rail line running from Jalan Sultan to Ampang In a mamak shop, owner Goh Shu Wah’s father rented a space to sell ordinary Hailam coffee and tea. The year was 1951.


Goh’s father later opened his own shop, Pun Heng, in Petaling Street. When Goh took over he introduced his current best sellers. Concoctions that he created himself. Today he has three outlets in Overseas Union Garden and now here in Kananga.


The ABC or ice kachang looks really delicious. It’s a creamy mini-mound of red beans, green jelly, chendol strips, chinchau, nutmegs and peanuts topped with two types of syrup – gula melaka and sweet red syrup. The gula melaka is bought in bulk and then turned to liquid brown sugar by the food court itself, which manages the stall. “And that is our secret pull,” enthused Choong Sook Yin, the F & B Manager.


“It’s not Double Boil Soup but Old Fire Soup,” said Mah Wing Kee, with just the slightest trace of irritation. You cannot blame the man for it must have been the umpteenth time he had tried to explain the difference to the media people who were there for a food tasting.  Owner of the LePork Dor, he explained his soup simmered for more than five hours, used no artificial preservative and was Aji No Moto free. There was also no deep frying as it was all steamed and braised with less salt or sugar, “I follow the traditional way and what you get is good, wholesome home cooked food’” Mah said with pride.


Alarmed at the diminishing sellers of Pork Satay, he has reintroduced this fare. The specialty is the sauce and for which a lot of fruit extracts are used. Pressed for what the fruits were, he finally relented and announced, “Pineapple.”


The shop sells ten types of soups daily with one of its specialty – pig stomach. The special ingredient for this is Sarawakian pepper. The popularity of his food has led to the opening of three outlets. The one at Lot Ten has bus loads of Hong Kong tourists trooping in for lunch. They, it seemed, could not get soup as done in Hong Kong anywhere else in Kuala Lumpur, that is until their tour guide took them LePork D’or.


Chat Fun King is a family affair – mother, brother and sister. Started more than 40 years ago by the mother, the son does the cooking while the daughter manages the store. All 60 dishes in the stall are the original recipes of the mother.


Their popular dishes are the Lemon Chicken, Meat Ball with Thai Sauce, Sweet and Sour Pork, Butter Chicken with Nestum.  Why Nestum? Daughter Angela replied,” Oh, People like healthy food nowadays.”


And the name of the shop? Chat Fun King which means King of Mixed Rice! A name the family has maintained all this while.

So the next time you go shopping at KWC, not top fret when hunger pangs strike. There is the Kenanga Food Court.abc@koreanpress.net

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