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Date [ 2013-08-21, 18:25 ]

(Kuala Lumpur=koreanpress) by Ramani Rathir = August Pullman, lovingly called Auggies by his family, is ready to take a very big step in his life. He is going to school and is excited and nervous all at the same time. He is also starting grade five at a new school.

 But why is his family terrified of their son going to school? Sure a lot of new kids get ragged on their first day at school but soon settle down. But the reason his family is apprehensive about his entry to a new school is that Auggie was born with a genetic defect that has totally changed the look of his face. 

So it is very apt that Auggie informs us, ”I won't describe what I look like. Whatever you're thinking, it's probably worse.”
 R. J. Palacio unravels each chapter in his book “WONDER” through the eyes and voice of Auggie himself, his family, his new classmates, his teachers and the dreaded school bullies.

They all deal with Auggie in their own way. For some he is a mystery to be avoided, for some, a challenge and for others, a turning point in their lives they did not imagine of thought of!
 These people have their family ups and downs but still held together with undemanding love.
There are some who wonder if the beings up there had been unkind to the boy. The surprising rise of pure friendship and love not thought possible with someone like Auggie. Of course hearts are broken and words have to be mended but new found wisdom seals the wounds. 

The story gets more heart-warming as the pages are turned. If you are looking for a boy, ranting and raving about his physical defects, you will be disappointed. There is no self-pity or wailing, either by Auggie, his family or friends.
 Far fetched? Not really when you look at the number of families who have children with disabilities and yet are the most cheerful of the lot.

This has made some complain that the book is not realistic enough, it does not deal with the hard knocks of life.
 But this book, specially written for young children, has also pulled in large numbers of adult readers. Many it seems cannot put the book down once they start reading,. Some have read this book again and again.There is one line that makes one think, “He is the greatest whose strength carries up the most hearts by the attraction of his own.”One could ponder on this for hours."abc@koreanpress.net
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