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Date [ 2013-09-04, 18:50 ]

The hospitality industry gets a new mentor

(Kuala Lumpur =Koreanpress) by RamaniRathir =On September 2, 2013, the BERJAYA University College of Hospitality (BUCH) held a ceremony that was looked upon as a milestone in their efforts of creating an outstanding hospitality institution.
This was the appointment of celebrity chef, Edward Kwon, as BERJAYA University College of Hospitality’s Honorary Chef. With this, he becomes the first chef to be so appointed by the university.

Freddie Pang, Executive Director of Berjaya Corporation did the honours. Kwon was also made an Honorary Member of Bocuse d’Or Academy Malaysia. The chef, who is Korean and whose full name is Kwon Young Min, flew in from Seoul for the event.

Also in attendance were Chung Chi-won, Consular Attache from the South Korean Embassy, plus representatives from the Korean Tourism Organisation. Lending their support were guests from the corporate, hospitality and lifestyle industries, plus members from the Korean community in Kuala Lumpur.

Kwon will be lending weight to BUCH’s teaching paradigm, called the Berjaya Immersion Methodology. This is to create a symbiotic relationship between career professionals and the university’s students. It allows the students to leverage on a professional like Chef Kwon and go on to become future leaders of the culinary field, both in Malaysia and abroad.

One exceptional point that Kwon made in his speech was “…one should not make a difference between a diner who is rich or one who is poor. Both should be presented with a dish done to the best of one’s ability.” Clearly, this was a man who loved his calling and had only one aim – to make a meal as enjoyable as possible and one that would leave a lasting impression on the diner, no matter what his status.

This in all probability happens in the many outlets Kwon has, Over and above his status as a celebrity chef in his homeland Korea, Kwon is at heart an entrepreneur too. His business card reads as CEO of EK Food Co. Ltd. and Executive Chef of EK Restaurants, all in Korea. These are classified as LABXXIV and labeled as premium fine gastronomy concept restaurants. Over in the States, he has TheMixed One, a Californian styled family restaurant and Eddy’s Café, a casual dining eatery. 

Before he became a businessman, Kwon held numerous senior chef positions in various luxurious and 5-star hotels all over the globe. These were in China, the US, Middle East and also in South Korea.

A look at the name plates will show the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco and Seoul, the Sheraton Grand Tianjin, Fairmont Hotel and the Burj Al Arab. He has also been a Guest Chef in Moscow, judged competitions in such places as Daegu, taken part in food festivals in the Maldives, Sydney, Jakarta,, been a Kimchi Ambassador and taken part in numerous seminars and forums. under his EK Business and comes out with a range of kitchenware under EK Products. Hosted more than five television series and been on television and radio talk shows.

Along the way, he has also come out with four books. And now he Honorary Chef for Berjaya! The chef never let on what the EK stands for in his business empire. One good guess would be…. it stands for Edward Kwon?
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