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Date [ 2013-09-05, 18:55 ]

 After the Twilight series, here is another after the teenage market,

(Kuala Lumpur =Koreanpress) by Ramani Rathir = This is the latest from a book series transferred to the screen.

The story has (Lily Collins) as a normal teenage girl, Clary Fray. She finds out that her mother Jocelyn (Lena Heady), has been hiding a dark secret about their true identities.
Strange symbols appear to Clary who witnesses a murder at a night club by the sweet and angelic looking Jace Wayland (Jamie Campbell Bower). As nobody else saw the killing, Clary begins to doubt her sanity.

Then she is thrown into turmoil as her mother is kidnapped. But it is Jace who saves the mother from a demon attack. Jace now explains that he is a Shadowhunter, a highly trained warrior angel fighting a battle against demons hiding on Earth.

It is his job to flush them out and dispose them off. Clary now learns that she is actually a half-angel demon hunter and journeys to the Shadowhunters HQ (aka The Institute) with her new found friend.

The two aim to stop the wicked plans of Valentine Morgenstern (Jonathan Rhys Meyers).
No surprise a love triangle develops now with Robert Sheehan standing in the background as Clary’s best friend. It is obvious to all, except to Clary that he is in love with her.

The plot now begins to meander so much, that one is soon lost trying to keep up with the story. Or is there one?
What saves the film somewhat is the villain, Jonathan Rhys Myers in a contorted way.

He is so bad that one cannot help laughing as he sinks into being a ham instead of a threatening figure that gives one the chills. The film producers have yet to recoup their cost. This may put a damper on their sequel, City of Ashes and Sigourney Weaver, who has already been signed up to play a key role, may have to take another assignment. abc@koreanpress.net

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