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Date [ 2013-09-27, 09:25 ]

Spur entering the Singapore and Southeast Asian markets beyond China

(Singapore=Koreanpress) by Kim Hyung Woo = ‘ILMiRi Co. Ltd.’ which is Korean franchise restaurant, comes from a specialty store, known for its special steamed chicken(JJIM Dak) with cheese toppings and more fusion recipes. Now its plans to expand into Singapore and Southeast Asia , has attracted considerable attention.

‘ILMiRi(一味里)’ which means ‘The Village of Premier Taste’ has opened 50 direct stores and franchises since their foray into the franchise business worldwide, with fusion Korean food. Their endeavour has been successful in Shanghai, the  economic capital of China. This is their first overseas direct store with about 330 square meters of space.  The company is now set to operate a second and third franchise in Gu Bei and Henan.

The taste of ILMiRi

ILMiRi ‘s main items are steamed ‘Gold Jjimdak’ with various oriental herbs, ‘Gochujang Jjimdak’ with Korea’s traditional red pepper paste, the  spicy and sweet flavored  chicken  drumstick ‘Bulkkun,’ with its natural ingredients,  ‘Cheese Bulkkun,’  a favourite of young girls , ‘Chicken Feet’ done over an open fire and enriched with special sauce, and the really hot ‘Shinbul Jjimdak’. These can be matched with ILMiRi’s pizzas, especially with the dishes that are spicy. The result is not only traditional Korean fare but also a combination with western dishes and which foreigners will find appetizing.

In particular, Gold Jjimdak that is cooked at a high temperature so as to retain the natural flavour of the chicken without the fat. Further enhancement  is provided by the addition of natural Korean ingredients. Then there is Bulkkun, which is marinated with ILMiRi’s special spicy and sweet sauce and then roasted over an open fire. What emerges is spicy and obtained without the addition of artificial chemical ingredients. This is a special treat for lovers of spicy food. For children, there is the  Cheese Rice Cake and Cheese Original Meat Jjimdak.

The  ILMiRi Charm

One of ILMiRi ‘s management features is the drive to increase its competitive edge and the way it does this, is by a continuous revamp of its menu. At the same time, if there is something to make dishes better, it must meet the store’s criteria and also be reasonably priced.

This is why you can also enjoy coffee and tea inexpensively after enjoying a meal at ILMiRi. The store understands if eating out is going to be costly, it would burden households unnecessarily. Thus ILMiRi’s fair and reasonable  pricing is one of its attractive features.

ILMiRi also pays attention to its store’s interiors. Notice is taken of the effect of  modern lightings and proper placement of natural wood furniture so as to impart a comfortable feel of a homey eatery.

Cho Ki-bum, CEO of Ilmiri Co. Ltd., regards the most important concept is ‘consilience’ (Tie together for a new one). He added, “People who are different respectively pursue ‘Collective Intelligence’ (Attaining collective intellectual capacity through cooperation and competition).  Now we are here as ‘ILMiRi’ and that is why I want to repay our customer’s concern by doing our best to have ILMiRi go global.”

Korean Franchise, ILMiRi

Whatever your eating habits, you will find ILMiRi an appropriate place to go to. They aim to make eating out a pleasant and enjoyable event as much as possible and so are introducing their 21st century style of multi-concept dining.

Specifically, they do not  place boundaries between a  restaurant, pub, café or other eateries. Instead, pursue interior design concepts that are universal in style. As their sales concept is  “A meal, A drink” for lunch, dinner and supper, they can overcome three cost barriers, namely rising rental, labour cost and operating expenses.

The last is maintained by collecting and analyzing data of store operations, so as to have optimum efficiency in management. Also they have in-built systems to maximize profits. One way is an arrangement of checks and balances for items of food, materials, liquor and equipment.

ILMiRi Co. Ltd. revealed their future plans by declaring “We already know our own way of entering the local market and the type of Korean food to serve. We have  key executives who are familiar with  local taste and how to tap them. Next, starting with China and Singapore, we will open additional franchises and therefore accelerate the market penetration of the world”

Meanwhile, ILMiRi is staffed by young office workers from multinational companies, who though holding stable jobs, resigned in pursuit of new challenges in their lives.  They bring facets of global management into their stores without giving up its Korean identity.   Some of the milestones these managers have created are the ‘Unique Franchise’, ‘Young Entrepreneurs of the Company’ and ‘Globalization of the Eating-Out Business.’

Korean Franchise, ILMiRi will be at the ‘Shanghai Franchise Expo’ from Sep. 14 to Sep. 16, 2013 and which is organized by the China Franchise Association. They will next be at the upcoming event ‘Singapore Franchise Expo’ from Oct. 3 to Oct. 5, 2013.

ILMiRi’s intention is to secure master franchise contracts in China and Singapore with their presence at these expositions. They also hope to gain further master franchises by attending expositions in other countries. Another strategy is the opening of their stores, wherever there are Little Koreas (i.e. Korean towns) in the cities of the US and Japan.

Franchise Inquiries:

Ilmiri Co, Ltd. | Tel : 82 31 932 6951 | Address : 201 Joonang Heights Vill, 754 Jang Hang-Dong, Ilsandong-Gu, Goyang-Shi, Kyungi-Do, Korea


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