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Date [ 2013-09-11, 19:05 ]

The rise of one man from the fields to the White House.

(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) by Ramani Rathir = Lee Daniels is The Butler. A story. inspired by an African-American butler who worked under eight presidents, from Truman right down to Reagan. Thus it had all the takings of a sweeping period drama. Rather than putting us to sleep, it manages to strongly affect us and makes us feel as though the rubber stamp ''For Your Consideration'' is stabbed on every frame of the film.

Starring Forest Whitaker as Cecil Gaines — an unassuming man who witnesses history up close at a time when it seemed to be unfolding each and every day, The change is reflected during his lifetime which has Cecil as a boy, working on a cotton plantation. His employer, a fragile but haughty Vanessa Redgrave, teaches him how to serve white folks.
He is made to feel small by Redgrave informing him that.  ''The room should feel empty when you're in it.'' Years pass and Cecil lands a job at a ritzy D.C. hotel, where his flawless attention to guests grabs the attention of a White House aide, who then hires him.

The film skims through turbulent decades and various Presidents  of the Oval Office. We have the name-the-President parade of famous faces, some of which are Robin Williams as Eisenhower, John Cusack as Nixon, and Alan Rickman and Jane Fonda as the Reagans)

Whitaker struggles with his home life where his wife.Oprah Winfrey is an alcoholic. His older son, David Oyelowo is a rebellious civil rights activist. Neither wife nor son can get close to this Man! Whitaker is mesmerizing as the Butler. He seems to be a forceful energy that he constantly keeps in check. So do pay the Butler a visit when he comes to your city.


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