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Date [ 2013-10-03, 10:40 ]

This is a prison break action thriller.

(Kuala Lumpur =Koreanpress)   by  Ramani Rathir  = Starring Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, it  will certainly mean lots of fights, shoot-outs, swearing and chases. After all it is a prison break film.

Stallone plays Ray Breslin, a structural security expert who designs prison systems for a living. After being wrongfully convicted of a crime, Breslin is sentenced to – you guessed it right,  a supposedly full-proof prison of his own design. There  ready to help him is fellow inmate, Swan Rottmayer (Schwarzenegger). Really – Swan? What a name for a tough guy!  Soon Breslin devises a complicated escape plan and sets out to discover who framed him.

Jim Caviezel, 50 Cent, Vinnie Jones, Vincent D'Onofrio, and Amy Ryan are the other stars in the film.  Direction is under  Swedish filmmaker, Mikael Håfström, and is written by Miles Chapman and Jason Keller .

You could say Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone fighting is very much the single selling point of the otherwise bland "Escape Plan." Not having much to talk about of hits since they first came together in  "The Expendables," it is highly likely that the two of them are hoping their combined muscle power will bring them a much needed success.

Stallone (Ray)  is  duped into testing the prison security by allowing himself to be incarcerated there, after he has set up the system. He is told the idea is for him to test how good the security is by trying to escape. If he fails then he has done his job well at designing a prison that is escape-proof.

However, Ray is double-crossed as the people who hired him have no intention of letting him escape. They plan on letting him rot  in jail until he dies, So Ray has to find a way to escape or be a prisoner for the rest of his life.

Inside prison,  he teams up with Schwarzenegger (Swan). The two decide to break out. But they have to get pass  prison  guards who wear body armour and  black masks. Rather   unusual and spooky  for prison guards The film is well supported by Jim Caviezel who is actually rather good at playing villains.

He plays Hobbes the corrupt warden, which has the cryptic names of The Tomb. Incidentally that name was also meant to be the title of the film until it was changed to Escape Plan. Vinnie Jones is another corrupt guard called Drake. With his menacing stare, Jones was certainly convincing. The ex-rapper Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent makes a surprise entry as a guy who is good with computers.

With action as the main course, good acting comes as just a dessert.  Despite their age, both Arnie and Sly look in good shape and so are able to convincingly kick=ass out of action scenes.

The film has a little bit of humour, thanks to Arnie’s one liners and some nice action scenes. The musical score is unremarkable but slick editing says the day. For guys and gals who love fact action, lots of punches and few words!


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