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Date [ 2014-01-02, 11:55 ]

 Korean Press in all of  the World

Koreanpress Newspaper
Language : Korean and  English.
Date of Issue : 6th and 21st of every month, Biweekly.
Circulation : 15,000  Print copies per issue. (Singapore 6,000ps, Malaysia 8,000ps,Mailing 1,000ps)
Online Viewers Month: 250,000 (www.koreanpress.net / E-book / Face book koreanpress/ Twitter koreanpress / Youtube koreanpress / Mobile App koreanpress)



   PACKAGE PLAN  COLOUR- wirte-up free of charge)

  •  (3month 1time)  =  FOC  1 Editorial write - up.
  •  (6month 3times) =  FOC  3 Editorial write - ups.
  • (1year  7times)    =  FOC  7 Editorial write - ups


(After DC15%)
FOC 1 write-up

(After DC 20%)
FOC 2 write-up

(After DC 30%)
FOC 5 write-up

Full Page [Back Page]
(24cm X 30cm)

RM 31,084.50

RM 58,512.00

RM 102,396.00

Full Page [Inside]
(24cm X 30cm)

RM 26,127.30

RM 49,180.80

RM 86,066.40

1/2 Page (24cm X 15cm)

RM 13,063.65

RM 24,590.40

RM 43,033.20

1/3 Page (24cm X 10cm)

RM 8,710.80

RM 16,396.80

RM 28,694.40

1/4 Page (12cm X 15cm)

RM 6,533.10

RM 12,297.60

RM 21,520.80

  Black & White


(After DC15%)
FOC 1 write-up

(After DC 20%)
FOC 2 write-up

(After DC 30%)
FOC 5 write-up

Full Page [Inside]
(24cm X 30cm)

RM 17,595.00

RM 33,120.00

RM 57,960.00

1/2 Page (24cm X 15cm)

RM 8,797.50

RM 16,560.00

RM 28,980.00

1/3 Page (24cm X 10cm)

RM 5,865.00

RM 11,040.00

RM 19,320.00

1/4 Page (12cm X 15cm)

RM 4,398.75

RM 8,280.00

RM 14,490.00

1/6 Page (12cm X 10cm)

RM 2,932.50

RM 5,520.00

RM 9,660.00

1/12 Page (12cm X 5.5cm)

RM 1,466.25

RM 2,760.00

RM 4,830.00






Double Full Page [Centre Page]

RM 9,200.00


Full Page [Back Page] (24cm X 30cm)

RM 6,095.00


Full Page [Inside] (24cm X 30cm)

RM 5,123.00

RM  3,450.00

1/2 Page (24cm X 15cm)

RM 2,561.50

RM  1,725.00

    1/3 Page (24cm X 10cm)

RM 1,708.00

RM  1,150.00

1/4 Page (12cm X 15cm)

RM 1,281.00

RM     862.50

1/6 Page (12cm X 10cm)


RM     575.00

1/12 Page (12cm X 5.5cm)

RM 402.50

RM     287.50

Malaysia Front  Page (12cm X 5.5cm)

RM18,400 (1 year)



   ADVERTORIAL (Business PR, Company Intro, Products Intro, Foods Intro, Etc)


(After DC15%)

(After DC 15%)

(After DC 20%)

Full Page [Inside]
(24cm X 30cm)

RM 3,450.00

RM 8,797.50

RM 19,320.00

1/2 Page (24cm X 15cm)

RM 1,725.00

RM 4,398.75

RM 9,660.00





Double Full Page [Inside]  (50cm X 30cm)

RM 220,800.00

Full Page [Inside]  (24cm X 30cm)

RM 122,958.00




  1. UNIQUE KOREANPRESS  E-BOOK  : An e-book (electronic book) is the digital media  equivalent of a 
    conventional printed book. Read in personal computers, or Smart Phone devices known as e-book 
    Number of  Hit :  Average  10.000 hits per Daily ( 2012 year).
  1. k.koreanpress.net(Korean Version Banner) Average 10.000 Hits Daily
  2. e.koreanpress.net (English version Banner) Average 5.000 Hits Daily
  3. www.Facebook.com/koreanpress( Free Social Network Marketing )
  4. www.Twitter.com/koreanpress( Free Social Network Marketing )
  5. www.hanindeul.com(Free to register as ‘Korean Yellow Pages’)
  6. ‘Koreanpress’ Mobile App  (Android Market ; Version of Korean and English)


KOREANPRESS.co.kr - Website Banner


Monthly payment

Community Right Side Banner (144px X 49px)

RM 690

Hot Issue Banner (274px X 60px)

RM 1,150

Premium Head Banner (330px X 70px)


Center Flash Video Banner (440px X 80px)

RM 1,610

Mobile Banner

RM 920

Register as a ‘Premium Company’
@ www.hanindeul.com

RM 460

*If you want to put Website Banner with Mobile Banner, We can offer Mobile banner at SD200.00 
*6Month, DC 15% and 12Month, DC 20%



Individual Subscriptions : mailingto Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea etc  
organizations (enterprises, public institutions, hotels, tourist attractions, civil affairs office)    
via mailing to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea etc.


Standing Orders Fee per paper

1 months

RM 25.00

24 months

RM 275


If you are interested, please do not hesitate to call us at :


For further information or complaints with regards to our services,
please contact our Customer Service.

>Koreanpress World Pte Ltd (20092-3403-G) MSI(P)074/01/2014 
19 Keppel Road, # 07-05, Jit Poh Building,
Singapore 089058 Tel: 65)6223 5590, 91219599

>Koreanpress Sdn Bhd (510800-D) KDN.P.P12928
Lot 389, Kompleks Mutiara,No.568 Batu 3 1/2 
Jalan Ipoh, 51200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tel: 6 03) 6258 8815 / 016-975-5992 


@ Email :  john11111@naver.com / abc@koreanpress.net

AS a Koreanpress
Newspaper since Year 2000.

With a Circulation of 250,000 Online Readers

Let us be your business Patner

KoreanPress was founded on December 2000 as a biweekly Korean newspaper.
Since that time, its distribution format has assumed various roles. The first is Print of course, followed by 
Websites, next an Ebook and now Online Subscriptions.

As the news will be in both Korean and English, our Korean readers have many sources of information such 
as via our newspaper, websites, Ebook and their mobile applications. Non-Korean readers have the same 
advantageto all our sites and outlets that are in English.

This means YOUR ADVERTISEMENT can be read and/or viewed from many sources in dual languages.
Our range of news coverage too has expanded. The early stages had the newspaper offering news to 
Koreans in Singapore, Malaysia and the homeland of South Korea. The last few years had the paper taking 
in Southeast Asia and the major regions of the world, namely Europe and North America.
This has been made possible as over the years we have managed to build up an extensive network of links 
that DIRECTLY give us the news. For starters there is the Singapore Press Centre, 

while others are the Asia Research News, World Gold Council, Pharmaceutical Technology, Bank Negara, 
MIDF, World Press Photos and about 20 other links. These will be further expanded over a period of time. 
Add to this our one-to-one interviews by our staff writers and you have a very comprehensive presentation of the news.
Thus as ADVERTISERS you now have the attention of a much larger READERSHIP than before! 
It is bound to be transferred into Dollars and Cents for your advertisements.
Our staffing and correspondents too are in the process of being increased. 
This is for better coverage and faster inclusion of news on to our sites and outlets. As an ADVERTISER, 
you will agree that this is good for your advertisements. It will reach our readers that much faster and 
bring you better returns.

So whether you are a manufacturer of Household Appliances, Cosmetics, Apparels, ICT Apparatus, 
Television Sets, Handphones, Books, Entertainment Devises, Cars. Ships, Electrical and Electronic Gadgets; run a Hotel, Entertainment Chain, Shopping Complex, Restaurant, Travel Agency, Airline, Real Estate, Educational Intuitions and anything else, it would be to your benefit to advertise in the Korean Press.

Whatever you have a PRODUCT or SERVICE, realize that Korean Press has the potential to market it successfully. 
This is because it reaches to the Korean homeland and serves as a vital communication tool for Koreans there. 
Thus the Korean Press has becomes invaluable for Korean citizens planning to come to Singapore/Malaysia for 
business, leisure, travel, investments or intending to live here.

In the case of business and trade, the many Korean factories and manufacturing plants established in these 
regional offices will bear testimony to this. 
Koreans who are venturing abroad for travel are coming to this part of the world in increasing numbers. 
Add to these mothers, who set up home here while their children study in our local colleges and universities and the
total number of Koreans increase.
So not only can KOREAN ADVERTISERS sell their PRODUCTS and SERVICES through Korean Press, but also 



Copyright(c) by Koreanpress All Rights Reserved. John Other news
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