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Date [ 2013-10-16, 14:45 ]

The future in 2154 is not pretty.

(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) by Ramani Rathir = Another sci-fi where life is grim and hard. No joy at all. When will film makers give us a bright and better picture?

In this year, 2154, the poor live in crowded, squild conditions on an Earth over-populated and in the throes of its own death. The rich on the other hand have all the luxuries of life, miles above the surface of the Earth. Their abode is a space station.

Neill Blomkamp's grim future is a merger of fact and fiction. No surprise crime is rampant and with medical facilities down to the minimum, people are dropping, well like flies! Looking down from the safety of their floating station – Elysium, the wealth-to-do hardly break into a sweat.

In order to preserve their paradise, the rich make sure the riff-raff do not gain access to Elysium. Then comes the clinker, when Max ( Matt Damon), a factory worker, gets exposed to a severe dose of radiation. His only hope of life is under the high-tech medical treatment that Elysium holds. He has just five days to get the cure and so can he get it?

Elysium promises a gripping tale but falls short of Blomkamp's hard-hitting 'District 9'. After a time, scenes of  Max running around, trying to get help from the baddies gets repetitive. Jodie Foster and Sharlto Copley play the villains. However their acting is not convincing enough and leaves the impression these are cardboard eh…dummies!

Bits of dark humour here and there bring some relief. Elysium may be a warning of our future to come. But it does not have anyone running off to stock on food and water. abc@koreanpress.net

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