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Date [ 2013-10-14, 16:25 ]

The singer’s agency signs up with Rockin K-OREA   

(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) by Lee Eun-Hee = Malaysia’s MK entertainment and Korea’s Rockin K-OREA have signed a MOU.

Rockin K-OREA was founded in 1999 and focuses on cultural contents. Malaysia’s MK Entertainment which came on the scene this year, has not looked back since but is growing into an entertainment force to be reckoned with under CEO YooSeung Bok and Manager Song ByungHoon.

The star in their stable is Dior whose real name is Shahril Shaari.He attained fame when he sang ‘Trot’ in Korean. As one of Malaysia’s hottest star, Dior can be seen on many a billboard as an advertisement model.

From August 9 to 11, 2013, Dior had a series of concerts for Korea Day that was hosted by the Korea-Malaysia society. After his stint here, the singer landed in Korea for a 10-day gig that ran from September 6 until 15, 2013. This time he took the stage at the ‘15th International Ginseng Exhibition.’

Dior said it was in 2010 when he first started singing in the K-Pop genre in Malaysia. His first song was called “Ddeona da”. He sang with a mix of Korean and Bahasa Malaysia lyrics. It was after this that he got in touch with Trot via YouTube, when he realized their songs fitted his vocals well.

He also added “When I sing ‘Moo Jo Geon’,  middle -aged Korean women love me and that is one of the reasons why I started singing Trot”. His singing ability in Korean has now earned him of the title of ‘Malaysia’s only singer who sings Trot in Korean’.

Through Trot he has been able to know about Korea more deeply and grown to love its culture and people. He is now planning to present ‘Moo Jo Geon’in Bahasa Malaysia as one of the tracks in his forth coming album ‘ChanChanChan.’  “I thank the people around me, especially Park Hyun Jin; the songwriter for Moo Jo Geon, for letting me to sing this song in Malay.” Dior added.

MK Entertainment’s CEO YooSeung Bok, singer Dior and other representative attended the MOU ceremony. Also present was GeumHong, Malaysia’s sales production team, who took the opportunity to learn in detail about the effects of ginseng and the use of herbs in controlling viruses.

After the MOU signing ceremony, CEO YooSeung impressedwith the hard work put in for the events, expressed his heartfelt thanks to all staff and guides in the Buyer Counseling Festival.


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