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Date [ 2013-10-29, 10:45 ]

Take a tip or two from these successful people

(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) by Ramani Rathir = If you think high achievers have a secret formula, that is complex and needs a long period of time to grasp, you are wrong. They have a secret, but it is simple and one anyone can take up. ONLY IF THEY HAVE A MIND TO!

One thing all successful people have is that they follow a regime and stick to it. So if you want to be up there with them, here are the tips:

1. Never be distracted: And that means, every single time, anywhere and everywhere. This means you have to be disciplined and make good use of your time. When you set a time towards achieving what you want out of life, then you automatically set goals. Once goal-settings are in place then you have a timetable towards reaching that goal. It is a case of one feeds on the other until your target is reached.

Successful people are not super heroes but ordinary persons like you and I. Only difference is they set out to accomplish a task, make no excuses and even if they do not enjoy it, get it finished.

Then someone else can take over and you can take that much needed break - a vacation with the family or simply lazing at home and becoming a couch potato for a time, but only for a time! If you are by now a habitual high achiever, there will be other goals to go after. Richard Branson started with a magazine called STUDENT at the age of 16 and today with the Virgin Group he has 400 companies in his stable.

2. Never shut off completely. Successful people always keep a lookout for revolutionary ideas, investment openings, business opportunities or other ideas that can open new doors for you. Malaysia traditionally had live-in house maids. Then industrialization came in and Malaysian girls took up factory jobs and foreign maids had o be imported. But this was not problem-free as some foreign maids were lazy, some abused the children they were supposed to look after, some stole or ran away.

One bright spark came up with an alternative – hiring maids by the hour. They come, do your house for a specified number of days per week and you pay the company at the end of the month. That’s a new business idea and which, because of its success, now has numerous clones.

3. Be informed. They say books are going out of fashion. Do not believe it, so do keep reading, not just your favourites, but something new everyday. There is new technology to be learnt, new inventions coming over the horizon – water, this is turning into a precious commodity! One country which had this in short supply set about to get more of it. That country is Singapore and today it is ready to export its expertise of water as a niche commodity! And there are countries willing to buy it!

If it is not reading then listen to the news on the radio and television. Stations like Bloomberg will be able o keep you informed up to date. Also build a team of mentors and to put it bluntly – pick their brains. Information is everywhere and can come in a myriad of forms. Taking a taxi? Strike up a conversation with the driver. You will be amazed at what he can deliver and which may turn out to be a coup for you.

4. If you are already in production, make sure you have a thorough knowledge of your product. After that learn what your customers really want and maybe that will lead you to upgrade your product. Study your competitors and see if you are still ahead or. falling behind. What it all means is that you simply cannot stop learning.

5. Would you believe that Failure leads to Success! Remember Thomas Edison and his light bulb? Asked by a reporter if Edison felt like a failure, the inventor answered,” "Young man, why would I feel like a failure? And why would I ever give up? I now know definitively over 9,000 ways that an electric light bulb will not work. Success is almost in my grasp." Then finally after over 10,000 attempts, Edison invented the light bulb.

Many people stop at the first sign of failure. This will not get them anywhere. Successful people will learn from their mistakes and get a move on. Sooner or later, if they persist, they can join the ranks of Branson, Edison, Gates and others!

Does this light up a bulb?


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