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Date [ 2013-11-11, 06:44 ]
A collection that covers many countries

(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) by Ramani Rathir = A new gallery with a somewhat misleading name opened its doors in Singapore’s Suntec City on November 4, 2013.

FAT Gallery has nothing to do with body weight but exhibits the works of various artists. F A T stands for Follow the Art Today. As the name says, it is about the Arts of Today! Owner, Jennifer Soen, a veteran of the Singapore art scene, has billed the centre as an Asian contemporary art gallery. The location was chosen with care so as to emote the proper platform of space with the right atmosphere for stimulating conversations between the artists, art lovers, collectors and anyone else with a love for art.

FAT is not Soen’s first gallery. She is already the founder and director of Sunjin Galleries - Singapore's leading contemporary art gallery set up in the year 2000. In the years that followed, she has established strong credibility and a well- loved name by representing some of the most sought after artists in the region. Soen also has a keen eye for emerging talents and hence Sunjin Galleries have been actively identifying and promoting new and exciting names for discerning art lovers. Who if they then wished to, may invest in these new names.

Good and sincere work seldom goes unnoticed. This too has been the case with Soen who has been recognised by the Ministry of Culture in China. Sunjin Galleries was lauded as one of the "Top 10 Most Influential Galleries" at the 11th Beijing International Art Exhibition in 2008.

Besides promoting art, Soen is also a passionate advocate of several key charities in Singapore. As the President of the Rotary Eclub of 3310 for 2012/2013, she has been involved in raising much needed funds for TWC2 which stands for Transient Workers Count Too and  Cambodia Dignity - an educational initiative for the poor as well as raise awareness among youths about poverty in the region.  

The lady is also the visionary publisher of The Pocket Arts Guide - one of the first publications in Singapore to focus on and champion artists in Asia. The magazine is now distributed in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.  

Thus it is no surprise FAT has been and is home to many significant, stimulating, provocative and challenging pieces of art. It has displayed the works of famous and established Asian artists such as Liu Feng Hua (Beijing), Victor Tan (Singapore), Shih Lei (Taipei), and Dadi Setiyadi(Jakarta). The gallery also gives an opportunity for emerging artists to showcase their talents. Yang Zhi Yun from Taipei and many others have already done so.

Currently the focus is on four painters from South Korea. These are Yoo Sun Tai, Lee se Yong, Seo Yu Ra and Kim Kyung Min.

Of the four, Yoo Sun Tai draws strong attention with his unique canvas work. His is a depiction of an idiosyncratic universe in which objects shrink down and dimensions combine. Many of the canvases include a toy-like bicycle crossing a carpet into a painted landscape or becoming belittled by potted plants.

The images are perhaps inspired by a life that has intersected different cultures and an art education that has crossed mediums. “While studying in Germany, and then Paris, I became deeply fascinated with matiere,” informed the Korean artist. “I tackled both two and three-dimensional art at the same time. I placed wire on paper to explore the disparate qualities of the two materials. I also worked with ink and focused on the black-and-white contrast that is derived from paper and ink.”

Yoo’s paintings blend East and West and old and new in what he describes as a “forest” that provides a fertile environment for ideas to flow into each other. This convergence forms a window onto different perspectives about objects, the spaces they inhabit and images formed without even volume, smell or weight that can go on to mirror and influence the world by connecting with memory and perceptions. In Speaking & Writing, Yoo’s visual discourse questions the power of words. “What you say disappears the moment it is said,” Yoo explained, “and is also final once you have said it. Meanwhile, written texts are erasable and rewritable.”

So make your way to FAT and follow the exciting and new ways of art on display.


Follow the Art Today Pte Ltd
Add: 3 Temasek Boulevard, #02-381/2, Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983
Tel: +65 6336 3972 
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