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Date [ 2013-11-14, 06:51 ]

A disappointment for pop fans.

(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) by ????? = Fans of K-Pop in Singapore woke up to a rude shock on Wednesday 6, November 2013. That was the day an official announcement was made that the MBC Korean Music Wave in Singapore 2013 had been cancelled. The organiser, Fatfish Entertainment eluded the cancellation “.... to unforeseen circumstances including contractual difficulties with our co-producer, Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC)...” An apology was tended to fans and ticket refunds were promised...

The full statement reads as:

We regret to announce that the MBC Korean Music Wave in Singapore 2013 has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances including contractual difficulties with our co-producer, MBC.

Your support has been much appreciated and we sincerely apologize to all the fans and ticket holders for any disappointment and/or inconvenience caused.

This is an unexpected turn of events and we are ascertaining how this cancellation will affect our financial position.

We are currently seeking professional advice to see how we can best refund our ticket holders and other creditors.

We will need some time for this and seek your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

Thank you again to all the fans and our partners and sponsors for your continued support.

Nevertheless fans did not take kindly to the cancellation. The social media was soon abuzz with this news. Some of the kinder statements were:
Don't wear such big hat if you have a small head! Selling tickets at S$688 is really over the top!

Too unprofessional. If don't have the ability than don't held events like this. Tickets so expensive than in the end canceled. Major disappointment to all the fans out there It’s really really unprofessional!!!!

How can it be just 10days before the event and call off?? The ticket was so expensive and need to collect from ayer rajah then now just anyhow CANCEL??

But long before the actual advent of the event, murky waters were coming up. This was due to the fact that the organizers ‘had asked’ fans to donate funds towards the cost of food and transportation of the in-coming Korean performers. It issued a statement that admitted. ‘…This is entirely our fault and responsibility. We apologize to the fans that it was our earlier request to get donation of food and transport subsidy from fans.

The request was inappropriate. It was never our intention to burden the fans with cost. We are sorry for the confusion that causes the fans to think negatively about our intention.’

It went on to say, We also hereby wish to state that these fans projects are entirely an initiative of Fatfish Entertainment Pte Ltd, MBC and the artists had NO involvement in this. We sincerely apologize to MBC and the artists if our actions have affected their reputation... As such, we hereby have decided that we WILL NO longer wish to continue with the fans support projects. We hereby ask all fans clubs to stop the fans support projects with immediate effect.

A bit too late to save the level of professionalism in running a show of such magnitude. Touted as the largest K-pop concert to be ever held in Singapore, it was scheduled to take place on Nov 16 at Gardens by the Bay. There were 13 acts on the programme and included such big acts as SHINee, EXO, 2PM, 2AM, F.T. Island, B1A4, TeenTop, B.A.P, Kara, Sistar, Miss A, IU and 4Minute.

The questions that arose in the entertainment industry were - Was this newbie organiser way over its head? After all, with 13 acts in the line-up, this would have been a massive undertaking even for an experienced organiser. Or were there numerous and various changing demands from the Korean side?

If the concert had taken off, then it would have been a three-hour extravaganza, jointly organised by MBC, one of South Korea’s largest TV stations and Fatfish Entertainment and presented by StarHub. Playing as hosts would be Korean girl group Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun (TaeTiSeo).

So is this a trend with big K-Pop shows. For remember, organisers of The 1 World Festival, also citing “unforeseen circumstances”, pulled the plug out by cancelling just two days before opening night on Sept 20. Now history has repeated itself. anc@koreanpress.net

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