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Date [ 2014-01-09, 10:32 ]

Popular TV serial hero was in town beginning of this year.

(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) Benjamin Kim= Lee Kwang Soo, well loved by many as the Prince of Asia, kept his promise to his fans at the Fan Meeting Lee Kwang Soo last Saturday, January 4, 2014. Here he entertained more than 4,000 of them at the Kenanga Wholesale City Fashion Mall in Kuala Lumpur.

The actor, nicknamed as The Giraffe Desertion in the former popular variety show, ‘Running Man’ has long been awaited by his fans. Wearing a blue blazer that accented his black T-shirt and pants, Lee Kwang Soo set off the event to a roaring start with the song "Hug" which was popularized by DBSK.

The good looking 28 year old was significantly moved by the strong response of his Malaysian fans. "This is my first visit to Malaysia and I did not expect to receive such a great response from you, my fans. I am truly overwhelmed and grateful. When I return to Korea, I will certainly convey to theother membersof ‘Running Man.’ how great the fans are here in Malaysia," he promised.

He should know as he has had ample support from blogger Si Zirafah. He keeps a site on Lee, complete with stacks of photos of the actor plus all the news and trivia he can possibly gather. No surprise than, Zirafah has all the updates on the ‘Running Man.’

The show had Baki Zainal as anchor man. He is someone whose fluency in spoken Mandarin and Cantonese has pushed him into hosting jobs on Chinese programmes like ‘Step Forward’ and ‘Ni Hao Mr Siao!’Zainal helped run a series of games with fans and quizzed them with questions related to the movie ‘Wonderful Radio,’ where Lee played the character of goofy manager to Lee Min-jung who was trying to restart her career as a solo singer and composer.

Seeing the efforts of fans trying to answer the questions, including the little known facts about his life, Lee was really grateful and declared, “My Malaysian fans have really impressed me with the amount of knowledge they have about me, and so thanks for the support and love given to me. I promise to do my best in the future.”

The two hour event was brought in by JS Concert Productions with Faith & D Entertainment and King Kong Entertainment. One of the highlights was Lee Kwang Sooplaying the keyboard and singing "Because I Love You." A surprise was the video clip made by a group of loyal fans. It was packed with information and photographs of the actor and ran the gamut, from his start as a model until he hit it big on the small screen.

This was the time Lee shot up the  popularity ladder with the ‘Running Man’ back in 2010 and nicknamed Betrayer Giraffe. For his height and for being synonymous with that cute African animal, he was dubbed ‘giraffe.’ But his devious actions to betray his team simply to gain victory got him branded as the ‘betrayer.’

Lee Kwang Soo first held his fan meeting in Singapore in August last year.
Kuala Lumpur was his second stop.


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