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Date [ 2014-01-15, 05:09 ]

Science proves that you can be happy.

The univewrsal symbol of Hapiness.

(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) by Ramani Rathir = We believe we are happy as a result of certain events, situations or relationships. The surprising thing is Happiness also is an emotion that drives us forward. Happy people are said to accomplish more in their lives than sad or moody people.

You are going to say this is easier said than done! But Science has simple certain knacks that can take you there!

Here are the 10 scientifically doings that can turn your world around for the better.

1.    Exercise:
You do not have to punish yourself in strenuous workouts that can hold you in a gym for the better part of an evening. Would you be surprised to learn that seven minutes is more than enough? There are many of such exercises floating around us – in books, videos, the internet and even in the dailies. Check them out and choose one you feel most comfortable with.  Even a simple exercise will give us a sense of accomplishment and leaves us in a state of happiness.

2.    Sleep More:
It helps us to recover after the rigours of the day, a chance for the body to repair itself. Without going into scientific jargon, we store pleasant and unpleasant memories in our brain. Lose sleep and we tend to think of more unpleasant happenings than good ones and become depressed. So hit the sack!

3.    Spend More Time With Loved ones and/or  Friends
It was found that NOT staying in touch with friends and family is one of the top most regrets of those dying. Some had spent so much time building up a career and a high income that they lost touch with those that really mattered. Too late, when they realised time spent socially with friends and family created a bond of happiness. In other words, money cannot buy you happiness!

4.    Leave the House More
This simply means spending more time outdoors. The fresh air is good for your health and therefore your happiness. Twenty minutes is sufficient and if you say you do not have the time, instead of sitting in the office or a restaurant, take a lunch break at a park nearest you. No park – then finish lunch fast and go – window shopping! As long as you are outside, the change of air will do you good. Studies have shown this puts you in a more positive mood and improves working memory.
5.    Helping Others:
This will make you feel more happy. If you want to break it down, then two hours a week is more than enough. It can be a simple thing – a surprise present for your husband, helping an old lady carry her purchases to the lift, buying some extra groceries for that cash-strapped family down the road, providing company for a sick friend in hospital. The list can go on.
6.    Smile
But do not just smile. While doing so, have positive thoughts. It makes us feel good and makes us perform better at tasks that require an understanding of the big picture! When times are bad, a smile can lift the spirits. But most important, a smile must be genuine. Do not fake it!

7.    Take a Vacation
Even if you cannot go on a vacation then at least plan one. The anticipation of actually going on a holiday is happiness enough. But if you cannot take that vacation, then plan something simple on your calendar a month or two away. It can be taking in a drama, watching a new movie or dinner out with friends. Just thinking about it can make you happy.

8.    Meditation Is Good for You
Meditation is done to heighten focus, and narrow all thoughts down to one point. It is also a good tool to create happiness. This is because meditation can clear your mind and thus calm you down. Once in this mode happiness is next!

9.    Commute Less
Long hours spent travelling to and back from work can affect us in negative ways. Many are in a foul mood after weaving through heavy traffic. One solution is to use public transport provided it is viable and does not mean elbowing through a sea of other office workers and standing all the way to your stop. Final solution - find accommodation nearer to your place of work!
10.    Be Grateful
Some people keep a journal of the things they are grateful for, some share the pleasant things that happen to them with others, a few make it a point of praying to Him, several make  comparisons with those less fortunate than them. A number write out letters of ‘thanks’ to those who had helped them. Actually you can start by being pleasant to the waiter the next time you go out to dinner. A simple, but heartfelt thanks to the waiter for his excellent service will not only make him happy but also YOU!


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