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Date [ 2014-01-20, 05:46 ]

A Japanese research teams works to unlock the mystery of long dead Egyptian kings.

Images of the king and his family

(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) by Ramani Rathir = Waseda university researchers discovered a new private tomb in the el-Khokha area of the Theban necropolis, across the Nile from Luxor.

The Japanese mission from the university’s Institute of Egyptology, under the direction of Prof. Jiro Kondo, unearthed the beautifully decorated and very well preserved tomb. It probably dates to the Ramesside period, judging from stylistic elements. The owner of the tomb is Khonsuemheb, who was called Chief of the Workshop for Mut and Chief Brewer of the Temple of Mut. His wife was Mutemheb and had the title Singer of Mut. Their daughter was Isetkha, and also called Singer of Mut.

The tomb was discovered while the Japanese team was cleaning the forecourt of the tomb of Userhat, overseer of the king’s private apartment under Amenhotep III. The tomb of Khonsuemheb is connected to an unfinished tomb hewn in the southern wall of the forecourt of Userhat’s tomb, and has a T-shaped plan. Most of the walls and ceiling of the transverse hall are decorated.

On the side wall of the northern part of the transverse hall, the tomb owner Khonsuemheb, his wife Mutemheb, and his daughter Isetkha are represented as statues. Several different motifs representing Khonsuemheb and his family are painted on the walls of the transverse hall.

Noteworthy is the scene of the funeral procession for the burial of Khonsuemheb, which also depicts the ritual to the mummy of Khonsuemheb by his son in front of his tomb. It is crowned with a pyramid. In the center of the ceiling are the solar boat, the text of the Hymn to the Sun God, and two figures of Khonsuemheb making adorations.

Planned for the future are further explorations of this tomb, with the hope it will reveal more details about the tomb decoration and the burial of Khonsuemheb.

The Secret of the P TombKhonsuemheb and his family worshipping Rahorakhty and Osiris.

The secret of the P TomsKhonsuemheb’s funeral procession

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