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Date [ 2014-01-30, 05:59 ]

This global food products conglomerate expands it horizon on food nutrition.

(Singapore=Koreanpress) KP News Team = Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) has entered into a research agreement with Nestlé today to help boost the company’s expansion in R&D in Singapore.

This agreement signed by the two organisations will set the stage for cutting-edge research in areas including packaged food and beverages, food ingredients, nutrition, food manufacturing processes, food science and technology, as well as biotransformation.

Parent company, Nestlé SA. in Switzerland, has worked its way up to be a leading nutrition, health and wellness company on a global scale.Thus Nestlé Singapore (Pte) Ltd’s tie-up with A*STAR neatly dovetails with the objectives of itshead office.

A*STAR has previously embarked on research projects with Nestlé through the EpiGen consortium. One such was to understand optimal nutrition for mothers during pregnancy and for infants to promote metabolic health throughout life.

Now the framework research agreement will bring together both partners’ capabilities and expertises in a range of advanced technologies and research fields that will help Nestlé optimise its production processes to provide nutritional foods for Nestlé’s consumers. As A*STAR has been developing penetrating research in food and nutrition as one of its five strategic research priorities in the biomedical sciences, the partnership had been most timely.

Lim Chuan Poh, Chairman of A*STAR reiterated that, “A*STAR is looking forward to this excellent opportunity to broaden and deepen the work that we do with the world’s leading food and nutrition company to expand their R&D capabilities in Singapore. This agreement marks a significant milestone in propelling forward A*STAR’s research thrust into food and nutrition.”

As Asian consumers become more educated and affluent, many food and nutrition companies like Nestlé are responding by developing food, health and wellness products customised for Asian markets.  For long associated with Nescafe, the increasing sophistication of Asian buyers has made the company rebrand the instant coffee in various permutations with Nescafe Gold quickly earning a distinctive niche.

Now you even have Nescafe Kopi-O aimed specifically at local taste-buds. So expect some more exciting products to emerge from this collaboration.

In four years, Singapore's total manufacturing output for the food manufacturing sector increased from S$5.7 billion in 2007 to S$8.4 billion in 2011, while the value-added manufacturing output almost doubled from S$1.2 billion to S$2.1 billion.

The number of workers employed in food manufacturing also increased 20 per cent over the same time period. Now with the prospect of many new products emerging from the some 15 Nestle products currently on supermarket shelves, one can assume the figures for food manufacturing and employment should further rise.

The agreement, which involves the participation of all 18 A*STAR research entities, will provide opportunities for researchers across A*STAR to embark on collaborations with Nestlé’s affiliates globally. A*STAR recently launched a joint centre with National University of Singapore (NUS) - Singapore Centre for Nutritional Sciences, Metabolic Diseases, and Human Development (SiNMeD) – to advance research on nutrition, early development and metabolic disease. This agreement will also allow Nestlé access to A*STAR’s research facilities and technology.

This was echoed by Stefan Catsicas, Nestlé Chief Technology Officer, Head of Innovation, Technology, Research & Development. “We are delighted to sign this research agreement with A*STAR. It provides the framework for future collaboration that will help to strengthen our food science and technology capabilities in Singapore and beyond.”

The MILKMAID who appeared some 90 years back would never have imagined that one day, she would turn into a leading food manufacturer. Certainly a good way to cement 100 years of being in Singapore with the A*STAR partnership.


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