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Date [ 2014-02-20, 09:34 ]

A recent survey of 3,000 American couples came out with some interesting results.

How many marriages will reach old age

(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) by Ramani Rathir = One of the most important aspects was couples spending quality time with one another. They should also have fun, doing and sharing at least three interests. Another key point is taking a vacation two times a year.

The research also indicated marriages that stay strong do not depend on an equal share of household chores, having a working wife or putting the brakes on having the number of children.

Many marriages today have the wife juggling in getting a university degree while trying to keep the household functioning as well. Or climbing up the corporate ladder and grabbing the higher salary it brings. In the process many forget to be thoughtful and generous towards one another.

Something which makes divorce lawyers very happy. But there is one thing which can put a frown back on their brows. Forgiveness! Sometimes a spouse deserves to be forgiven, provided there is genuine contriteness and remorse. Making up can turn out to be fun and a surprisingly pleasant experience.

Many a marriage glows when simple taped messages are left on the fridge door, declaring undying love for a spouse. There are countless other ways one’s love can be reminded.

Corny? Jaded? Old fashioned? But that is what love and marriage is all about! Otherwise, would roses which normally cost just a dollar on ordinary days, shoot up to USD30 on Valentine’s Day?

Saying “I love you’ as many times possible in a week is what keeps many couples ecstatic. The result is quite a lot of bedroom romps, from almost every night to at least three times a week.  And one cannot have that if there is no underlying respect. In the end, respect for one another is what keeps the flame burning, till the end.


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