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Date [ 2014-02-20, 09:43 ]

The first of its kind, the exposition is set to bring industry players together.

(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) RamaniRathir = It will bring together Agriculture and Agro-based industries of Malaysia. In other words the end-products of such items as a coconut, chicken, seaweed and a host of other objects.

It will in fact bring, what has been so far individuals working on their own, but are in fact interdependent sectors of Agriculture, together.

Thus the main objective will be to create new business opportunities. To give a headstart, 8,000 sqm of exhibits were set up and taken up by both local and international exhibitors, among them China, Singapore, Sri Lanka. Thailand, Ecuador, Iran, Japan and Brazil.

D’Agri, held this February, brought together key players in the agro industry, such as farmers, agro dealers, food traders and food processors. There is no doubt even in the agricultural business money plays an important part.

The exhibition roped in financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, research institutions and others. For those needing start-up capital or intent on expanding their business, it will save them the hassle of knocking from door to door.

D’Agri Expo 2014 aims to be a one=stop centre to bring together agricultural communities and connect them to existing services and products in the agricultural supply chain. Taking a holistic approach, it will create market opportunities, create sustainable agriculture, link matching businesses together, introduce facilities for SMEs, act as a catalyst for modernization and in the process initiate a market niche.

Organised by FAMA Consortium (M) Sdn Bhd, DirectorGeneral Datuk Ahmad Ishak has targeted cash only sales of MYR10 million and revenue from business venture at MYR90 million.


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