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Date [ 2014-02-20, 10:54 ]

A well functioning office means a more productive office.

(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) by Azmi Annuar = The rich in America have discovered ‘amor vacui,’ which means the love of empty space.

This is something that can be applied to many of today’s offices. The obsession with high-tech gadgets have many of them look like a swirl of wires, lights and switches! Lots of them end up looking like the proverbial room of a lazy teenager!

Back in the tail-end of the 2000s, Graham Hill had stocked his office with gadgets and clutter! So he decided to pull back and prove it was possible to live comfortably in a smaller and more free space.

He used his knowledge of architecture and design to achieve it. He founded LifeEdited and consulted architects to build energy saving apartments with multifunctional walls, multipurpose furniture and using eco-friendly materials. This concept of ‘less and small’ could also be transferred to offices for a more organized look and feel.

Here then are some tips culled from LifeEdited:

*Shop with care: Curb impulsive buying. Something coming at a bargain does not have to be bought. The question is “Do you really need it?”

*Try Paperless: Cut down on faxing and think about digitizing or scanning large-sized documents. There are a number of sheet-fed or mouse scanners, and applications like Scanner.Pro. 

We also do not realize how much more paper we use in the storing of important little pieces of paper, usually stuffing them into envelopes. There are applications on the net that can categorize and digitize all these for you. 

*Calculate Office Space: Just because you have 20 staffers does not mean you need 20 desks for them. Sales and marketing personnel are hardly in the office, often travelling outstation or overseas.

Perhaps one part of the office can be reserved for them when they are in ‘town’ so to speak. Turning a boardroom into a multifunctional room can help solve space problems most of the times. Also these days, a lot of staff work from home. So now – do you really need that large an office?

*Networking Blitz: Many tend to boast about how large a network they have – professional, business, social or otherwise. If one is diligent enough to keep these contacts up-to-date then an enormous amount of time will be spent doing it.

The moot point is, do these result in any tangible business contacts or relationships that translate into dollars and cents? If not, get down to a hefty pruning job!

*Standing Tall or Short: depending on your height. Hill suggests having meetings where everyone is standing and which will have everyone focused, alert and the desire to get the meeting ended as fast as possible.

He also suggests standing desks which can be pulled out of the wall and therefore are space efficient. Think about this carefully, for one has to sit down at one point in time.

*Table Top Neat: Keep tables small. The larger they are, the more you put things on it and so clutter your workspace. Have what you are currently using on the table and the rest stashed away in cabinets or cupboards. Of course, do remember to put them away after use.

Final result, your office will not only look neat and pleasing to the eye, but also function better, as it should.


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