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Date [ 2014-02-25, 09:23 ]

Almost every article tells you how to make new friends and nothing about the old!

Signs of freindship.

(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) by Ramani Rathir = In today’s society, life often falls into the fast lane and the years just roll by. Along with it, new jobs, change of wardrobe, a different hairstyle, experimenting with eating habits and of course, a whole bunch of new friends. These can be heady, exciting and invigorating.

One day, a lazy Sunday, with time one your hands, you pull out the old album. A flood of old memories, incidents, adventures and names wash over you. Where are they all now? Truth is, they did not actually go far away. They are still in the country, It is just you never made the effort to keep in touch.

You may have new friends but do you know how to still keep your old ones. 

□Time to forgive and forget.Even after all these years, it still hurts that Lee never made it to your farewell party. The party which was supposed to see you off to the great big city and your new life as an account’s manager.

If you had just called back once, the real reason why Lee did not turn up would have surfaced. His mother could have fallen sick at that time or he may just not have the bus fare to make it to your place. It is still not too late, so make that call now.

□Use the e-mail. Bless the internet, it allows one to keep in touch with anyone from anywhere in the world. So when an old pal sends a message, do not make the common mistake of putting it aside to be answered later with detailed news. Nine times out of ten, that two page answer will never get sent. Better you answer straight away. Better to receive short busts from you than nothing at all!

□Facebook has its detractors, but it and other media like Skype, are a good way of keeping in touch with your old friends. As video cameras can also be installed, your friend is brought even closer.

Camera or no camera, the friendship can be maintained with meaningful updates. “Hey, you finally made it to Nottingham. Are visits allowed?” This will show how much you care about your friend and that you still want to be a part of his life. Keep the connection, even if it is short, going!

□Life changes, friendship changes. What it means, your close friend will get married and soon becomes a father. He probably will have to stop that Saturday night poker sessions.

This will get you moaning about how things are not the same anymore. Instead of making a fuss about it why not drop in on a Saturday night and babysit along with your friend. He would certainly appreciate it. When Avaril got married, Alex made himself a part of the family.

The last I heard, they, along with the wife and three kids had gone on a holiday to the Canary Islands. Alex now tells,“Yeah, I not only kept my best friend but also gained a family.”

□Plan ahead! Mila is a busy executive in a departmental store in London. Each December, after her Christmas shopping, she has one more on her list.

She will buy a stack of birthday cards and sometimes small gifts that can be sent by mail or courier. She already has a list of the birthday dates of her old friends. She next writes in her birthday messages and stacks them in a special drawer.

Each day she checks and then the appropriate card and gift is sent a few days before the actual birthday of her friends.

□Francois and his old friend Jacques, used to go fishing in Estaing, in the province ofAveyron. But then Francois came to work in Paris and somehow over the years their bond had weakened.

Now he wanted to reconnect with his old friend. But instead of dropping in on Jacques’ house or meeting in the village pub, Francois suggested they go fishing again.

He was wise enough to know, meeting after such a long time there might be changes. If long silences arose between them, that was alright, for they were fishing after all. Well, the fishing trip went well and so too the rebirth of their friendship.

Finally, one must realize, while some old friendships may be resurrected, others will die a natural death for a number of reasons. It is best not to grief over what had been lost but revel in what there is.

AnAmerican introduction the friendship bracelet

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