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Date [ 2014-03-04, 05:40 ]
Unraveling the importance of Intellectual Property.
(from left, last row): IP Expedition characters Jacob and Mummy, Tan Yih San, Chief Executive of IPOS, Kathryn Koh, Principal of Anglo-Chinese School (Junior), IP Superhero, HIP and popular local artiste and movie director, Michelle Chong

(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) by Benjamin Kim =Students from Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) saw stars at a highly engaging IP (Intellectual Property) Expedition Special performance with Michelle Chong, who made a guest appearance onstage along with IP superhero, HIP, and his best friend, Jacob.

Throughout the 30-minute interactive performance, the characters re-enacted and successfully solved various copyright-related dilemmas that are frequently encountered by primary school children in their daily lives.

The IP Expedition programme was organised by HIP (Honour Intellectual Property) Alliance, the flagship public outreach initiated by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS). Since its launch in July 2013, the skit has been performed in more than 30 primary schools, reaching out to more than 32,000 students. To date, 45 more schools have signed up to be part of this year’s IP educational journey.

As part of continuous improvement, teachers and students’ feedback have been sought to refine the skit in terms of its content and delivery. One of the enhancements for the improved skit in 2014 is the collaboration with local artistes and IP creators to bring IP closer to the primary school children. To increase engagement, performers have also stepped-up the off-stage interactions with the audience.

Additionally, more school-relevant examples of copyrighted works are being shared to enhance the students’ learning experience, coupled with a greater use of visual illustrations to improve retention and understanding of key messages.

Michelle Chong, a popular local artiste who wears several creative hats as an actress, a host, a film producer and a director, took part in this special edition of IP Expedition as she understands first-hand the hard work put into every piece of creative work. "When others support and honour our IP creators, artistes like me are inspired to create and perform new works.

This, in turn, keeps our local arts and entertainment industry innovative, vibrant and exciting. Producing a quality piece of creative work requires a lot of effort, skills and resources. It is therefore important for the students to know how they can support and honour IP creators and their works, so that they can continue to enjoy more of their creative output," she commented.

 Kathryn Koh, Principal of Anglo-Chinese School (Junior), added, "While teachers create the awareness on copyright and IP in the classroom, this fun-filled, interactive IP Expedition performance certainly adds value to IP learning. Synergistic initiatives between schools and educational partners like IPOS and parents would go a long way in encouraging our students to become responsible IP users and creators in the future. "
Tan Yih San, Chief Executive of IPOS said, "We are encouraged by the positive responses from the schools and students. The movement to respecting IP is gathering strength with expanded reach to more schools as well as greater involvement of artistes and creators such as Michelle. We hope that more will come on board so that we could co-create a better Singapore with IP."

 Members of the public can find out more about IP Expedition, HIP Alliance and its initiatives at www.facebook.com/HIPalliance and www.hipalliance.com

(from left) IP Expedition character Jacob and IP Superhero, HIP, with special appearance by popular local artiste and movie director Michelle Chong at IP Expedition Special performance at Anglo-Chinese School (Junior).

(from left): IP Superhero, HIP, popular local artiste and movie director Michelle Chong, IP Expedition characters Jacob and Mummy as part of IP Expedition Special.

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