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Date [ 2014-03-13, 11:48 ]

Having lived in the Netherlands for 7 years returning back to Malaysia has been quite an experience. In the period of 7 years a lot has changed mostly on the infrastructure front although the daily grind of living and culture remains the same or in some cases has become much more backwards to a certain extend.

Any country progressing gradually, will be hit by an increase of social ills. Since I have been back, the crime rate, compared to the time I was working and living back then in Malaysia, has increased tremendously to a point I feel walking outside is no longer safe. In all honestly I never felt the same way when I was living in the Netherlands.

Malaysia in general is a beautiful country, filled with nature that is abundant although this is not preserved or appreciated. Instead white elephants are being built everyday for reasons beyond my understanding. It has become a sight for sore eyes with all these constructions everywhere.

Another of my major dislikes is the traffic in Malaysia. It¡¯s simply a waste of time trying to get to work and home again. What amuses me most is that people would rather sit in their comfy air-conditioned cars everyday for hours in traffic jams, rather than using that time to do more productive things on a daily basis. (A friend of mine does her crochet while waiting for traffic to move. She still crochets but now does it on the MRT). The reason could be that the public transport is not up to scratch or reliable. Nevertheless, it¡¯s still a waste of time.

In a nutshell, having lived abroad and adapted to that culture and lifestyle, coming back to Malaysia and to blend in again, has been a huge challenge for me. It¡¯s been months since my return and yet I still find it hard to find my footing here.

Hence after much thought and sincerely trying my best to feel ¡®at home¡¯, I¡¯m returning to Europe as I don¡¯t see myself fitting in here comfortably. Try as I might! Once there, I am confident I will be able to find new directions in my life.

But then again some things aren¡¯t meant for everyone. Others may share a whole different experience and feel about Malaysia and its society. As they say in French ¡°Cest la Vie¡±. (Sabena .S / Kuala Lumpur)
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