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Date [ 2014-04-18, 04:49 ]

Found a more simple way to test water cleanliness.

An easier solution to test water pollution now available.

(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) Azmi Anuar =A simple test of electrical conductivity could be used as a parameter for water quality, according to new research published in the Journal of Tropical and Agricultural Sciences. The journal is published by Universiti Putra Malaysia in English and is open to authors around the world regardless of nationality.

 Investigations were done as to whether this single parameter could be used instead of the more complex current tests used in Malaysia to measure water pollution. Dr.Nayan Kanwal, whose expertise is in environmental modeling and agro-forestry management, is the founder of this new method of testing water pollution, especially in rivers. He believes the test should be included in the water quality index of the future.

Currently, the Malaysian Water Quality Index (WQI) is based on six water parameters. This allows a lot of data to be broken down into six measures, but there are weaknesses, and it is certainly not comprehensive. The use of conductivity tests can inform of sulfate, bicarbonate, and chlorides of calcium, magnesium, and sodium in water, and is used in some still water lakes, but is not currently used in the running waters of rivers.

Yap CK, from Universiti Putra Malaysia, took nine periodic samplings at eight sites along the Langat River, including both polluted downstream and unpolluted upstream sites. The results showed that there are consistently higher levels of electrical conductivity in the more polluted waters downstream, and this was in line with two current measures – dissolved oxygen and suspended solids. Since it isnow easier and faster to get results through electrical measures than these two factors, its use as a single indicator of water pollution in tropical rivers is now proposed.


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