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Date [ 2014-04-18, 04:57 ]

Malaysia showcases and array of international defence products and services.

The Defence Services Asia 2014 (DSA 2014) or to give its full title, the 14th Defence Services Asia Exhibition and Conference was on at the Putra World Trade Centre from April 14 – 17, 2014.

The Guest of Honour, YB Dato’ Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, Minister of Defence did the opening ceremony.Government defence and security personnel, industry professional, top echelon management and specially invited guests from more than 50 countries were at the exhibition.

The DPM in his opening speech remarked, “Technology has also seen new innovations in the fieldof defence, which is especially why events such as DSA are even more important
now than ever before.Over the years, the DSA series of exhibitions has provento be the ideal platform for players in the defence andsecurity industry to promote their products, exchangeideas and opinions and forge partnerships based onsynergistic and mutual co-operation.”

 About 1,000 companies participated and a sizeable Malaysian crowd of close to 30,000 took in the exhibits. On display were the world’s sophisticated hardware & electronic warfare for land, air & sea defence, battlefield healthcare products/technology, training & simulation systems and police and security peripherals. With such an array on display, it was easy to see why this is one of the top five defence shows in the world.

The countries that took part were from such developed countries as Australia, Austria, China, France, Germany, Norway, Russia, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and USA. Making in-roads were Brazil, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Indonesia, Pakistan, Poland, South Africa and Turkey. The surprise entrants were Azerbaijan, Romania, Slovakia and the Ukraine. The ASEAN countries too put on a strong appearance, led by Malaysia...

As the host of course, Malaysia had a key position. In fact a big draw was thetwo homemadearmored fighting vehicles by DRB-Hicom Defence Technologies Sdn Bhd.(Deftech). In fact, this top armored vehicle manufacturer, has already begun the qualification stage for its eight-wheel-drive AV-8 armored wheeled vehicle and will produce 257 units with 12 variants for Malaysia’s armed units. “We are waiting for tests to be concluded,” informed Deftech CEO, Amril Samsudin.

Also on display was the amphibious IFV-25 infantry fighting vehicle on its first DSA outing, with its 25mm calibre gun. Another Malaysian defence weaponry making its debut was the AFV-30, sporting a 30mm calibre gun.

Companies participating in the exhibition were from the aerospace, maritime, automotive, ICT, green techno, electronic and weapons  sectors.  Some of the international companies were Avibras, Boeing, Nexter, Renault, Russian Technologies, Turkish Industries Association, Team Defence Australia and Thales among others.

The local companies were represented by Boustead Naval Shipyard, Sapura, Weststar , Zetro Aerospace and four others.

In addition to the exhibition proper, a number of important conferences were held. Topping the list was the:

CHIEF OF ARMY ROUNDTABLE TALKS: First introduced at DSA 2012, it was a huge and effective success. Again this year,pertinent issues were presented and deliberated by a host of Chiefs of Army from around the region. The talk was organised by the Malaysian Army.

BATTLEFIELD HEALTHCARE: Often it is forgotten that soldiers need health care and recuperation.The introduction of this aspect of warfare by Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Explosives (CBRNE) & Humanitarian and Disaster Relief (HADR) at DSA, made it the first global defence and security event to introduce a specific sector and feature as Battlefield Healthcare. Since its inception at DSA 2008, this feature has grown from strength to strength and which is reflected by the impressive number of Surgeon Generals from around the world who now make it a point to attend DSAwithout fail...Aware of the fact thatDSA must reflect the happenings in the defence community, the seminar has introduced a brand new feature on HADR for DSA 2014.

CYBER SECURITY: This has always been a part of the DSA and will once again have a strong presence of companies who focused specifically on the police and national security. This year’s theme was ‘Cyber Security.’

CONTRACTS & MOU SIGNING: An exhibition is as successful as the many business deals made. The last DSA had the Malaysian Ministry of Defence sign and announce a total of 5 Contracts and 5 MOUs valued at MYR357.2 million. Defence/Security companies signed 1 contract and 6 MOUs valued at MYR4.41 billion making it a grand total of MYR4.76 billion signed. At press time 2014”s total figures were not out yet but the total is expected to be close to 2012 figures or topping it. 

DEFENCE PROCUREMENT CENTRE: Defence procurement procedures from the following 7 countries were made available at DSA 2012: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. A similar feature was again available during DSA 2014.

BUSINESS TO BUSINESS MEETINGS: The Business to Business Meetings was popular at DSA 2012. Many exhibitors were once again offered the opportunity to participate in these meetings. More than 125 effective meetings took place.

ASEAN DEFENCE INDUSTRY COLLABORATION WORKSHOP: A one-day workshop on ASEAN Defence Industry Collaboration wascoordinated by the Defence Industry division, Mindef. It gathered relevant ASEAN industry players with a view of promoting defence industry growth within the ASEAN countries.

NNOVATION CENTRE: A purpose built presentation platform within the exhibition hall specifically for exhibitors to present technical or product presentations to highlight their services and product upgrades or added features.

LIVE ARMY DEMONSTRATION:  Once again, the Malaysian Army showcased various defensive demonstrations during the four days of the show.

One other highlight was the Putrajaya Forum 2014, which as its title, was held at Putrajaya. The theme was ‘Strengthening Security and Regional Stability.’ At the forum, Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin revealed,” Malaysia is expected to play a more prominent role in ensuring the continued stability and peace in the region upon assuming the Asean chair next year. The world is not only recognising the importance of Asean as a platform for maintaining peace and stability, but as a forum for engagement with regional powers such as China, India, Japan and South Korea.”

The last installed itself in the Korea Pavilion with the tag, ‘Korea-Malaysia, Defence Industrial Cooperation Day. The highlights were the welcoming speech by the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea. This was followed by a congratulatory address by the Honorary Dato’ Dr.Rothiah Hj. Omar, Deputy Secretary General (Development) Ministry of Defence.

This was followed by an introduction of Korean defence products under the direction of the International Business Division of the Korea Defence Industry Association and the Defence Acquisition Program Administration.About 20 Korean companies were on hand to display their ware. Some of the simple hardware was such items as gas mask, lightning protection system, directional speakers, stabilisation and suspension systems, and ammunition and practice grenades.

The last is produced by Korea C.N.O. Tech Co. Ltd Marketing Manager, Andy Kwon let it be known that,”Some 50,000 units have now been commissioned for the Malaysian army. Internally, the hand grenades are filled with clay, so on explosion no one gets hurt.” Besides Malaysia, the company also exports to Tanzania, Estonia, Saudi Arabia and to its own army.  

But there were also items that stopped visitors to the exhibition on their tracks. Hyundai Rotem had a K2 Main Battle Tank. Rui, Kim of the Overseas Sales and Marketing Team had been busy all day answering enquiries. “No, we have not made any sales yet but have made some proposals for which we expect some positive answers.”

 Another tank on the scene was the 155mmm Self-Propelled Howitzer by Samsung Techwin. Looking good in its own right was the anti-riot vehicle by Jin Motors. Maritime vehicles were the CSM Boat Fabrics by FINE Inc and the Swimmer Delivery Vehicle of Vogo’s.

Perhaps the one that drew the most attention in the Korea Pavilion was a destroyer and submarine. Though there were only models on display, still it drew the attention of quite a lot of visitors. These were the handiwork of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co. Ltd. Joon-Sup Shin, the Executive Vice-President informed,”Currently we have supplied two training vessels to Malaysia. Under negotiations are three submarines. “

The opening function also had an introduction of the Malaysian Industry Council for Defence, Enforcement and Security (MIDES) by Wan Mohd Asraf. He is the Under Secretary, Defence Industry Division, Ministry of Defence, Malaysia. This was followed by a brief introduction of Malaysian companies who were MIDES members. There was a photo session, a tour of the Korean Pavilion and finally a business meeting.   

DSA 2914 was hosted, supported and co-organised by the Ministry of Defence, the Malaysian Armed Forces and the Royal Malaysian Police.


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