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Date [ 2014-04-24, 07:29 ]

Korean Air a Leading Player in 2015-2016 France-Korea Year

(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) KP News Team = On April 16, 2014,Yang Ho Cho, Chairman and CEO of Korean Air, attended the first meeting of the joint organizing commission for the France-Korea Year that is to takeplace from 2015 - 2016.

Henri Loyrette, former President and General Director of the Louvre Museum, attended the meeting along with Yang Ho Cho, and other participants from government ministries involved in the planning of the celebrations with the aim of making it a resounding success.

The attendees discussed and shared opinions on not only the general agenda, such as management, logo and promotional events but also project plans for various sectors, including art, public diplomacy, economy and education.

The France-Korea Year will take place in France from September 2015 to July 2016, before continuing in Korea from March to December 2016. During the designated years, both countries will hold a wide range of events in the various sectors.

Cho has held the role of Chairman of the top Korea-France Managers’ Club since Year 2000, promoting activities to boost and cement the relationship between the two countries.

His efforts have been recognized and are highly appreciated by both governments. The man has also headed a joint organizing commission in Korea since 2013 and plans to hold this post until the France-Korea Year events conclude in 2016. 

His commitment is to maximize all efforts to enhance the Franco-Korean relationship through a successful France-Korea Year.


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