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Date [ 2014-05-04, 22:45 ]

(Singapore=Korean Press) Peter Park = Korean entertainer, Kim Soo-Hyun who is known in the TV drama “You Who is from the Star” is getting popular among Asia’s huge fan base.
He finally arrived on April 27, 2014 in Singapore for a fan meet session as part of his Asian   tour. called “Kim Soo-Hyun Tour 1st Memories in Singapore.” The event was held at the Singapore Expo Hall 1. About 2,800 Singapore fans and more from Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and from around the region, filled the venue to see the favourite idol.
Well before the start of the event, many were in the foyer of Hall 1 buying various souvenirs and taking photos of images of Kim Soo-Hyun. Then when the actual show began. late by some 15 minutes, Kim Soo-Hyun appeared on stage suddenly, without any special effects or even an introduction by an MC. He was singing ‘Dreaming’ with the OST of “Dream High.” Perhaps no one knew who he was at first, for there was heavy silence as fans tried to recognize who it was on stage. But once they did, there was an eruption of screams and yells.
Kim Soo-Hyun announced “It has been almost 3 years since I first arrived here, and now this is my second trip here. Compared to my last trip, I am surprised at the change of mood.”
He did not explain further but went on to say,”It was raining when I arrived here, but now it has stopped. So I feel just like Singapore is welcoming me. However, you guys who are sitting near the stage are very silent, like students and looks like I will have to teach you guys. However his smile indicated it was simple banter and Kim continued,”Hopefully, everyone will have good memories after the fan meet.” 
Generally, a fan meet has sessions of singing and more behind-the-scenes details about a star’s character in dramas and movies. There are also lucky draws with the winners usually taking a photo with their idol and maybe fortunate enough to have some of their wishes granted.
Later Kim Soo-Hyun gave an insight into some of the episodes he had taken part in. These were “Dream High”, “The Moon Embracing the Sun”, “The Thieves”, “Secretly, Greatly”, “You Who is from the Star”. 
For the last, fans got really excited. Kim revealed that, “Actually, the most difficult part of making this drama was to stand in the freezing cold. I’m just happy to have completed that drama and its strong popularity has brought me here to meet up with you in Singapore.” In response to the MC’s query on what happened when the director called ‘cut,’ Kim revealed”When shooting was wrapped up, every other cast member could not move or breathe, all except me. I had a good time moving in and out of them as they stood frozen stiff.”  
Five lucky winners had the opportunity for a photo shoot with the celluloid heartthrob. They took fun poses against the backdrop of the “Secretly, Greatly” movie poster. They also did not miss the chance of going into more affectionate stances in front of the poster of “You Who is from the Star”. The fans who had to sit out the photo session, washed over it by continuously shouting at each pose Kim took with the lucky winners. 
There was a ‘Wish Tree’ on the left side of the stage with slips of paper that held photos of the fans and their written wishes. Kim Soo-Hyun picked up three slips of paper but he was embarrassed when finally the three fans came on stage.  He had compared the photos with their real faces and blurted out that the actual persons in the photographs should come up... Of course he was just kidding, and drew laughter from the many fans there.
One of his fans, Vivien Chen declared “His drama ‘You Who is from the Star’ was so nice. I felt the real him as I met up with him in the flesh. He was Kim Soo-Hyun as himself and not the drama character, Do Min Joon... He was so honest and tough and sometimes he looked very sweet, there is no pretence in him. I like him more now, especially after the fan meet.”
Towards the end of the show,  Kim Soo-Hyun sang not only ‘Dreaming’ but also his own song ‘In Front of your House’, and ‘Promise.’ which is the OST of “You Who is from the Star”. He also did not miss out his favorite song ‘Wearing a Black Skirt (Kim Hyun Choel)’, and ‘Nobody (Wonder Girls)’. 
“I would like to come back here again with more great movies or dramas. I hope you guys can help me get good energy for a long time,” he concluded, as he shook hands in farewell at the end of the fan meet.
Kim Soo-Hyun started his fan meets in Seoul on March 16 and went on to Taiwan, Shanghai, Thailand, Guangzhou, Beijing, Indonesia and Singapore as his Asian tour. He is scheduled to visit Japan on May 18, for another fan meet.


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