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Date [ 2014-06-10, 05:14 ]

A quick look at how tall ASEANs are.

Singaporeans - The tallest people in ASEAN.

(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) Liew Lai Keen = If all the citizens of ASEAN stood in a straight line, the Indonesians would be at the end of the line for being the shortest. Coming up close next to them would be the Filipinos.
This, according to a study that the Association of Southeast Asian Nations DNAhad conducted. This then places the Indonesian male at 160 cm and 4 cm shorter than the average Southeast Asian height which is 164 cm.

The Filipinos stand at 162cm. with their females having an average height of 150cm. a 3cm advantage over Indonesian females but also 3cm shorter than the Southeast Asian average which is at 153cm.

Cambodia has 163cm for males and 152cm for females, while Vietnamshows 162cm for males and 152cm for females. This places these two nations quite close to the average Southeast Asian height.

The Thais and Singaporean run very close to each other.  However Singaporeans pip the measurements at an average height of 171cm, which makes them the tallest among Southeast Asians. Their ladies come in at 160cm. This has the Singaporean towering over their ASEAN neighbors.

Coming up close behind are the Thai males standing at a comfortable 170cm and females at 159cm.

Malaysia scores well with their males standing above the average Southeast Asian height at 165cm. for males with the females right on the average height of 153cm.

For comparison, the global average height of males is 173cmand 160cm for females. Standing apart are the American males, with an average height of 176 cm. while the ladies stand at 162 cm.

But the tallest are the Dutch with their males averaging a height of 184 cm. and their females just tipping at the 170 cm. mark.

Indonesians, the shortest in ASEAN. Will these children grow taller

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