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Date [ 2014-06-13, 04:48 ]

SPRING’s move to increase safety in the transportation and logistics sectors.

From Left to Right Mr. Ted Tan, Deputy Chief Executive of SPRING Singapore, Senior Minister of State for the Ministry of Home Affairs, Mr Masagos Zulkifli Mr. Dave Ng, Chairman of the Singapore Transport Association Dr Ken Ong, Managing Director of Chuan-Fa Auto Pte Ltd

(Singapore=Koreanpress) Benjamin Kim = SPRING Singapore, together with the Singapore Transport Association (STA), launched the Mobileye Telematics Advanced Driver Assistance System (Mobileye) to about 100 transportation and logistics companies today.

The Mobileye is an advanced driver awareness system which consists of a smart camera mounted on the vehicle’s windshield, analysing and monitoring road conditions to warn the driver of impending collisions and provide other precautionary safety alerts.

Speaking at the launch event, Senior Minister of State for the Ministry of Home Affairs, Masagos Zulkifli said, “Mobileye is an excellent ground up initiative by STA supported by SPRING Singapore, where the industry has taken the lead and approached the government to collaborate on a project to improve road safety for our vocational drivers.

It is also a good example of how we are creatively leveraging on technology to influence driver behaviour and foster better driving practices. I encourage all of you to continue to innovate and introduce programmes to cultivate good road safety practices within your companies.”

The Mobileye is not only able to warn drivers of impending collisions, but also provide precautionary safety alerts like recognising speed limits, provide lane departure warnings should the tired driver veer from their lane and track the drivers’ driving patterns. Besides safety precautions, the system can collect data to show any reduction in the number of accidents which could translate into savings on insurance premiums.

Mobileye is an integral part of STA’s Driver Safety Framework which aims to improve driver safety and boost the productivity of member companies. The framework also includes educating drivers on the tenets of good driving behaviour, avoiding and eradicating any dangerous driving habits.

Dave Ng, the Chairman of Singapore Transport Association said, “At STA, our members place great emphasis on road safety, implementing regular vehicle maintenance and offering incentives to encourage safe driving. We are glad to receive strong support from the Safer Roads Industry Taskforce and SPRING Singapore. We hope our members will, in turn, support the adoption of such technologies.”

SPRING Singapore’s Deputy Chief Executive, Ted Tan said, “SPRING is pleased to support the Singapore Transport Association in the Mobileye initiative. In today’s increasingly challenging business environment, SMEs need to focus on upgrading their productivity and deliver value to their customers. The advantages of assistive driving technologies do not just apply in our everyday vehicles, but also in heavy industrial vehicles.

Our SMEs need to harness technology to increase their productivity and there is a strong business imperative for transport companies to minimise their downtime and costs from unnecessary accidents. Everyone has a part to play in road safety and we urge more transport and logistics (companies) to adopt such technologies to enhance their operations.”

SPRING is supporting the adoption of Mobileye through its Capability Development Grant (CDG). The CDG is a financial assistance programme which helps SMEs defray up to 70 per cent of qualifying project costs relating to ten supportable areas such as productivity upgrading, developing business capabilities and more.

In addition to the CDG, SPRING also provides the Logistics Productivity Toolkit, a self-help assessment tool for companies; and also works closely with other associations in the logistics industry, such as the Singapore Logistics Association and the Container Depot Association of Singapore to raise the overall productivity of the industry.


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