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Date [ 2014-06-13, 06:36 ]

Adding one more choice to hotels in Malaysia.

(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) Ramani Rathir = Last week in KLIA2 there was an overnight flight delay. So there was a mad scramble among the stranded passengers to find accommodation.  Many of them found that there is a new hotel in the airport and quickly filled it to near full capacity. Many considered it was lucky that they could have an alternate, comfortable and affordable stay.

That hotel’s name is Capsule and it had its official opening on June 12, 2014 at KLIA2. It was ZU Container Sdn Bhd’s launch ofMalaysia’s first airport transit hotel and has targeted the 45 million visitors to KLIA2. The 3,300 sq. ft. hotel is the latest addition to the hotel group’s  stable, the first being the Container Hotel in Jalan Delima, near  Kuala Lumpur’s premier shopping district of Bukit Bintang.

At the official opening, Ryan Loo, Chief Executive Director of ZU Container said, “Travelling is fun, but without proper facilities  to support the journey, the whole experience can be become a frustrating affair. This is especially true when travelers are going through transit and have a long wait for their next flight. This is where Capsule comes in, providing flexible, high quality and affordable accommodation.”

Consisting of 79 capsules, there are denominations of three, six and 12 hour packages, priced at RM45, RM70 and RM90 respectively. Hotel guests get a locker to put in their personal belongings, can take a shower and relax in the lounge bar, make use of the free Wi-Fi before calling it a night in their capsule bedroom. Use of the shower will cost RM15 each time and locker rental at RM20 per day.

Vincent Tan, Chief Design Officer of ZU Container announced, ”The idea of utilizing spaces for commercial use is a well proven  business model globally. To this end, we have used recycled construction materials, not only for environmental sustainability but also to offer cost-saving accommodations totravelers.” This has the hotel built in a modern industrial concept and the capsules modified from shipping containers.

The Capsule Hotel module is taken from the Japanese concept called ‘Kyosho Jutaku’ and which means living large on a tiny footprint, by building a nice and compact house utilising only a very small space.

With an initial investment cost of RM1.5 million, Capsule has kept its décor minimal. Black seems to be the predominant colour but there are splashes of pastels in aquamarine and light yellow on the capsules..

Designer Vincent went on to say, “The hotel is user-friendly with directions to process from check-in to check-out. “ This means on entering  the hotel,  there is a panel which guides you on the use of the hotel. 01 – check in, 02 – locker to put in your personal items. At the bottom of the locker is a stand where you can place your shoes and use the house slipper left there for your convenience.

This is 03, followed by 04 which means you can take a refreshing shower in the communal bathing area which has individual shower booths for privacy. There are also ceramic wash-bowls where one can do one’s ablutions.  05 is time to hit your bed placed inside your capsule. A quite large mattress with two pillows and a blanket is yours for the night. 06 is said to be chill out time which you can spend at the bar. Finally 07 which is check out time.

Inside the capsule, there is also a small mirror behind a drop-down panel, two knobs that act as coat hangers, a three-pin plug for recharging and  a safety box you can use to lock in your valuables. The capsules do not have doors. Instead when you are ready to sleep, a screen can be pulled down to close up the capsule.There is also a phone to contact the front desk for F & B orders or other services. It is also used to inform guests that their time is up and there will be extra charges if they want to extend their stay.

There are two floors and the hotel is divided into a section for males and females. As the capsules are designed for individual use, couples or families will have to separate and sleep in the designated male and female sections. The ladies section has an extra in that there is a room with a long mirror for dressing up.

Capsule is strict on security. Along with the CCTv other precautions too are taken. Hotel guests who have visitors are not allowed to take them up to their capsules. Instead they are to meet their guests at the hotel’s bar are some other external venue.

However hotel guests can meet other hotel guests in the Common Room. This is a multi-purpose venue where hotel guests can have conversations with each other, read a  book from the library or engage in board games.

Being environmental conscious, the hotel has a number of pictures and reminders to be eco-friendly. One picture frame reminds to brush one’s teeth without letting the tap run and the usual reminder to turn off lights not in use.

In conclusion, Ryan Loo  informed, ”We realized there was a gap here for an affordable hotel with style and so here we are. Of course when the time is right, we will expand.”


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