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Date [ 2014-06-27, 04:50 ]

Singapore has created a hybrid orchid as a symbol of world heritage.

(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress)  Nancy Joseph =Lawrence Wong, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth was in Doha, June 21, 2014, for the 38th Session of the World Heritage Committee.

Singapore ratified the World Heritage Convention in June 2012, so the Minister was in Doha. to observe the Committee in session, learn from other State Party Members’ best practices in heritage protection and preservation, and above all, show a strong support for UNESCO’s important mission.

Singapore is now seriously continuing to raise awareness and build up its capability to preserve and safeguard world heritage, in tandem with economic and other social needs.

Wong announced at the sessions,” Today, it gives me great pleasure to commemorate Singapore’s ratification of the World Heritage Convention. We are doing so by naming an orchid in honour of UNESCO, to signal our support for UNESCO’s important mission.” He went to clarify, “The orchid is a significant cultural symbol for Singapore. We have a long tradition of orchid research and hybridisation. We research, protect and reintroduce native Singapore species to nature areas, parks and the streets of Singapore. This includes critically-endangered species. We see this as Singapore’s contribution to the preservation of our natural heritage.”

The island state has named orchids after many distinguished personalities and international organisations in the past. This would include the World Trade Organisation and the International Olympic Committee. These orchids are specially chosen to honour the person or organisation, and are not commercialised in any way.

The Minister then announced, “We will shortly be naming this orchid – which you can see here – in honour of UNESCO, as the Dendrobium UNESCO. It is a unique and beautiful hybrid with a rare, purplish-blue colour and a truly international lineage. Its heritage can be traced to places all over the world – from the Philippines, to Papua New Guinea, to Australia and the United Kingdom. In many ways, it embodies the coming together of many nations in the spirit of mutual appreciation, exchange, cooperation and growth for a common purpose.”

He did his presentation by declaring.”I hope this orchid will resonate with UNESCO as a symbol of heritage preservation, and as a reminder that all of us – all nations – have a part to play in preserving and safeguarding our world heritage.”


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