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Date [ 2014-07-08, 04:40 ]

Find out what happens when you die. 

Billy who spoke to his sister from beyond.

(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress)  Nancy Joseph = Annie Kagan has written a book  where her brother, Billy, comes back and lets her know how it is on the other side. Throughout the times he visited her, she asked proof that he was really her brother. Each time he was able to do that and more. Finally Kagan was fully convinced that her brother was alive even death and she was not losing her mind.

Her brother Billy Fingers was what one would consider to be a ‘Bad Boy.’ He died a tragic death, walking oto the road high and drunk and getting mowed down. He was also a drug addict all his life and lived a loose life. But three weeks after his death, he was telling his sister what was happening to him in the great beyond. Skepticism turned to wonder as Billy unraveled the mysteries of Life, Death and the After-Life.

Here then are some excerpts of what Billy revealed to his sister, Annie Kagan.

Bliss First and Foremost

As soon as a person dies, he is immediately sucked out of  the body and placed in a Healing Chamber. The lights in that Chamber erase all the suffering that person has endured during his entire lifetime. This encompasses all and any physical, mental and emotional scars. So in less than a split second, all pain is gone.

One Still Feels Like Oneself

Even though one does not have one’s body anymore, one will still feel like an individual. The feeling that arises is one actually feels more like oneself than one ever did when one was alive. This is because there is now no one else to influence one, as on Earth, when so many people tend to pull one in so many different directions.

 The Personality of Light

The afterlife has light rays emanating all around. These have qualities like Wisdom, Kindness, Compassion or Intelligence. These rays make visible what is invisible on earth, and reveal the Divine nature of all things.

Sin and Punishment is No More

We have been conditioned to believe we will be punished and suffer greatly for sins and wrongs committed while on Earth. But as human beings and living on Earth we are expected to make mistakes. If we have to be perfect before being accepted into ‘Heaven’ then no one would reach it.

Life On Earth Is Not a Punishment

As human beings we are bound to suffer pain but this not because we deserve it or it is pay-back time. Like happiness and joy, pain is a part of the human experience. It is as natural as drawing in one’s breath.

 Judgment Day Cometh Not

Many people will not accept the fact that there is no Judgment Day! There is actually no such day. Instead those who have passed away, review their life, and see the paths theytook,did not take or should have taken. They see the right decisions they made and where they could have done better. Above all, there is a feeling of  not being  judgmental about it. It is at this point, they realize, in actual fact they have had great lives, including the parts where they had been in pain or had suffered. Something that was not apparent to them when they were alive.

Happy As YouLook

On Earth, looking good consumes so much of our time. Such great importance is given to ‘…looking good.’ But now, you are not concerned with how you look, but just radiate contentment effortlessly.

A Different Kind of Love

Here Love is not measured bywhat you do, how you look, how famous you are, or how wealthy you are.  It is not like I love you a lot today but am not sure about tomorrow. Love is wholly and truly unconditional. Some of those now living on Earth may find this very controversial -  that in the afterlife there is perfect compassion and everyone is loved, no matter how they have lived.

This will now perhaps assuage the fear of Death. It should make us more prepared for what is to come one day, in a calm and measured way.


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