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Date [ 2014-07-23, 10:44 ]

The singer is on a mission to reach his goals as soon as possible.

(Singapore=Koreanpress) Benjamin Kim =  Lee Hong-gi , for a 23-year old has accomplished quite a bit.Not only is he the lead singer of Korean band F.T. Island, the K-pop star has also starred in the popular drama series Bride Of The Century, and was recently cast in the lead role in a musical called Vampire. What more could one ask?

Actually quite a lot!  Lee made his way around major Asian cities like Hong Kong, Taipei and Singapore for his first solo fan meet.

Lee admits that things are quite just not the same without the rest of his band.“If I had my band members with me, we would definitely have many live segments during our fan meet, as we would have our instruments with us,” Lee told TODAY during an interview at Ritz Carlton Singapore a day before his fan meet schedule, ”I’m  sure it would be a lot more fun.”

What the singer-actor really needs most is time — more hours in a day to spend time with the people he loves, and to do the things he wants to do. Luckily for him, Lee seems to be quite adept at multi-tasking. Though technically in town for a performance, Lee is also taking the opportunity to spend time with his mother — who was “sightseeing” in Singapore while he gave interviews to the local media.

“It’s about managing time constraints, and balancing all my work at the same time,” Lee said. “It’s a big challenge, because we are very short on time, and we have many things to do!”

‘….many things to do’ is right. For besides his fan meet and making sure his mom was having a good time, Lee also introduced his ‘bride’ to his fans at the fan meet session on July 19, 2014 at the Resorts World Theatre. This leg of his tour was aptly called, ‘Lee Honggi’sProposal  at Resorts World Sentosa.’

Lee’s mother was also present at the event to personally meet his bride. He caused ripples  of laughter from the fans when he asked the girl to greet his mom. It was all in good fun and was actually a part of the promotions for his current drama, ‘Bride of the Century.’
Then it was time to get down to the serious business of singing, and sing he did. Lee emoted the necessary emotions with just the right touch. He tugged at heartstrings with the official soundtrack from Bride of the Century. Included in his repertoire were ‘ Words I ‘ You’re Beautiful.’

Earlier on, at the press conference,  Lee could not help noticing that his popularity had grown, not only in Singapore but also all of Asia.Singapore’s  Straits Times, even published an article about Lee titled “Will You Marry Him?.

Lee is on a hot roll with his singing career, drama, movie and theatrical musical achievements all running ahead in tandem. No wonder then he has managed to garner titles such as “best-selling composer and creative director”.

Lee  is nominated for best actor award in the People’s Choice category in the forthcoming Seoul International Drama Awards. Readers and fans of Lee can vote for him until August 3.

The young man has confirmed his participation in the weekend drama ‘Modern Farmer’, which will air this October. But before this, Lee will fly off to Shanghai for the next leg of  his journey.

Devoted followers of Lee and dedicated fans can wish him the best and follow his journey via today’s  social media.


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