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Date [ 2014-09-11, 07:58 ]

UNDO plans for a more sustainable life for all peoples.

The UNDP aims to eradicare poverty completely.

(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) Liew Lai Keen = Through 2015, one of the United Nation’s Development Programmes’s primary responsibilities is supporting countries to make a final, accelerated push to reach the MDGs, both in our own programmes and through our leadership of the UN development system, where we coordinate support by UN funds, programmes and specialized agencies. Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have galvanized unprecedented global momentum behind reducing poverty, removing barriers to women, and improving education and health care.

Prior to this, UNDP had three main objectives – Transform economies to become sustainable

-    Enable democracy to deliver
Development dividends

-     Manage risks to become resilient

In 2015, towards continued advancement, a new development agenda is slated to begin. Ongoing discussions among UN Member States have agreed to orient it around the eradication of extreme poverty, and sustainable, equitable development. It will depend on the close integration of economic, social and environmental objectives, responsive governance and peaceful societies.

UNDP is closely engaged in the post- 2015 deliberations. Its Strategic Plan already aligns with its general directions. There is a more sustainable, inclusive and resilient world within reach, and as its report demonstrates, are fully committed to its role in achieving it.

Several former national presidents and heads of major regional institutions joined UNDP in launching the report in 2013. Mass media outreach, including through CNN, The Economist, El Pais and Twitter, shared key findings with nearly 1.7million people.

Among the Arab States, water scarcity is quickly reaching a crisis point. Unlike every other region in the world, this one will likely miss the MDG target for better access. With regional bodies such as the Gulf Cooperation Council having prioritized the issue, UNDP offered inputs through the report Water Governance in the Arab Region: Managing Scarcity and Securing the Future. It stresses that, with many water resources having been over-exploited, the past concentration on simply increasing supplies is inadequate. A shift to managing demand would be more appropriate, along with more efficient use and allocation of water. In the wake of the report launched in Bahrain, UNDP has begun developing regional and country programmes supporting policy-level implementation of its findings.

In Sierra Leone, UNDP helped the government produce its first Status of the Youth report, a major recommendation of the country’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. President Ernest Bai Koroma launched it, vowing to nurture “an empowered youth population that can lead to a change in the destiny of our country.”

The report offers the most comprehensive summary to date of youth, painting a sobering picture of high rates of unemployment and poverty. It argues for massively scaling up anti-poverty efforts targeted to youth.

Recommended interventions include improving health services, matching education with demand for skills, and establishing public-private partnerships to create jobs. Further, agriculture bears great potential in providing high numbers of jobs to unskilled youth.


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