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Date [ 2014-09-11, 08:26 ]

The shopping mall celebrates its make-over.

(Kuala Lumpur=Koreanpress) AzmiAnuar = On September 6, 2014, 1MK Retail Sdn. Bhd. held a musical and comedy festival at 1 Mont Kiara in celebration of its new-look.

Called RAWR @ 1 Mont Kiara, it was held on the rooftop of the mall. It was the company’s way of saying ‘thank you’ to its customers and supporters. ARA Asset Management Ltd, Malaysia Country Head, June Lim was on hand to recap the moment. She began by saying, “It has been great for us to be involved in the transformation of 1 Mont Kiara and to watch the mall grow, not only with the changes to the design to make it more comfortable for our shoppers, but (also) with the inclusion of exciting new tenants who collectively make 1 Mont Kiara a shopping destination.”

Starting at 4pm, the event ran well nigh for seven hours. There was a mix of singers, musicians, artistes and comedians. It was a mix of original numbers, cover versions and comedy acts. The 800-hundred or so people present enjoyed the entertainment which was presented in an easy, light manner, interlaced with banter.

Altogether there were 13 acts. Narmi and Talitha Tan charmed listeners with their singing. Prema Yin surprised by singing the Tamil YouTube hit ‘Why This Kolaveri?’ and got her audience moving with ‘Gangnam Style’ in her, well, own style. There was Barefoot Christian Palencia and why the ‘barefoot’ appellation? That is because he sings in his bare feet. Talitha Tan has been growing as a singer/songwriter and rendered some of her own compositions

Bringing scintillating sounds to the celebration were a number of musicians. Ray Cheong gave a touch of jazz, blues, folk, rock and soul and had his guitar accompanying him. Coming on with big bang sounds was Fazz. This band focuses on presenting their music, which is a blend of pop, blues and cabaret in theatrical style.Not to be left behind was Stephanie Tham, who while good with the piano and flute, also arranges music for orchestras, television and films. Her forte is classical and contemporary music.

The night was interspersed with comic acts. Anton Gillich, a Canadian expatriate, took a parody on himself and had the crowd in broad smiles. What is comedy without a stand-up comic and this was provided by Kavin Jay. He gave an eclectic mix of slapstick, edginess and political satire. Luwita Hana Randhawa, a mix of Malay and Punjabi parentage, dug into modern Malaysia and had the young urbanites relating to her brand of comedy. Just looking at Ross Stephenson is enough to bring an instant smile to anyone’s face. How could one keep a straight face with that huge funky hairdo dancing in front of one’s face?

Tracia Chanwas different. Still to do her SPM this year, the youngster paints. What makes her stand out is she does speed painting, while accompanying artistes as they perform. Starting at the very young age of three she has polished her act at various functions. It was inevitable that sooner or later VIPs would become her subjects, and one of them has been Datuk Zainal Abidin. At RAWR she completed two stunning pieces that captured the spirit of the event and which was then presented to the 1 Mont Kiara management team.

ROZZ is one of the most sought after performer in Kuala Lumpur and pumps out vocals drawn from the singing of Barbra Streisand, Joan Sutherland, Freddie Mercury, Grace Jones up to Diamanda Galas and beyond. He went out in style in a flurry display of fireworks that lit up, not only the sky, but also, all those present there. It was a fitting finale to the night.


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