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Date [ 2015-04-03, 07:10 ]

Meet these women who are bringing up a family against all odds.

(Kuala Lumpur=Korean Press) Azmi Anuwar = The women portrayed here are in the middle of chaos, conflicts and war zones. But somehow they see everyday through and work towards a better future, an inspiration to their communities.

1.Earon with her daughter (cr)Tom Pietrasik

Such a woman is Earon who is helping to give her community the strength to survive when disaster strikes. To this end, she heads up her local disaster-preparedness team, visiting households to warn them about floods and making sure they have everything they need to stay safe. She left school at 11 to marry, and used to be painfully shy. But that changed when helping others boosted her confidence and in the process earner her respect of the neighbourhood.
Neem leads the women in forums.(Cr)Eleanor Farmer

Neem is President of a Women's Forum, helping women survive conflict and come back with strength and determination. "It's important we women work as a team because unity is strength. I hope one day my daughter will go to school and choose what she'll do. I will teach my children business and educate them – there is equality now," she advocated.
Fadia ran from Syria(Cr)Joelle Bassoul

Women like Fadia are finding the strength they need to help their families survive far from home. She and her children fled the conflict in Syria but had to leave her husband behind. She then found herself with no resources, but somehow Fadia found ways to build her own shelter, Just in time to offer protection for her children and herself, against the harsh winter elements. Thanks to Oxfam, she obtained sheeting to make her shelter waterproof, keeping the family warm and dry.
Maria fights elbola(Cr) Elizabeth Stevens

When Africa was reeling under Ebola, Maria fought back. She is one of the reasons that her community is winning the battle against the dreaded disease. Her prime technique was to go door-to-door with life-saving messages. A simple and effective move that got the message through.  "Because I am a nurse and I know these communities, people listen to me. Now, people are following the rules to prevent cholera and Ebola. If we fight these diseases with safe practices, we will win the battle."

"One day I saw a girl sleeping on the road and she was so, so dirty. I bought soap, washed her and carried her on my back. I thought her Mum would come and get her but it's now two years and no one has come." Louise has been running from conflict most of her life. Tragically, her husband and three of her children died from disease. But this little girl has given Louise the strength to carry on. A new life for Louise, a new family for the abandoned girl.


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